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About Us

We have a passion to see young people develop a David-type faith. We want them to understand the unconditional love of Jesus Christ! We want them to always; forget what is behind them and press on toward the life that Christ has planned for ahead of them. Philippians 3:13 We love teenagers! We offer them the truth as real and as raw as it is! Keeping standards, love, relationship and commitment very high we just simply share the Word and all its power with them!

About the Youth

Crosstown FAD is more than just your average youth group! It is the youth group, the one you always dream about but can’t ever find! FAD stands for Forgiven and Delivered! Forgiven from the junk, and sin and Delivered to live a life committed to Christ! Our Youth Department adopted the Scripture 1 Timothy 4:12 like most but we went just a little farther. We don’t just want them to be an example but we want them to practice their faith and use their talents for God! We want them to…

Get the word out. Teach all these things. And don't let anyone put you down because you're young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity. Stay at your post reading Scripture, giving counsel, teaching. And that special gift of ministry you were given when the leaders of the church laid hands on you and prayed—keep that dusted off and in use. 1Timothy 4:11-14

About Service

FAD has an amazing contemporary Worship service with FAD’s own Praise N Worship band. FAD Youth is open to teenagers in grades 7th- 12th. We begin Main service on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. A typical FAD youth service would include so Praise N Worship, an Ice Breaker, deliverance of the Word from Brother Billy and Sister Maggie then after dismissal the basketball courts are open for some basketball and hang out time…. However there is nothing typical about FAD! With hot new videos, challenging games and break out sessions you never really know what to expect! Will tonight be a sermon night?? Maybe a KLIK night?? Perhaps a Panel?? What about a video?? FAD youth is not just a meeting, every week it is a spirit filled God experience where His plan will change your life!

About Activities

FAD youth has many areas of ministry that you as a teen or your teens can become a part of! From drama teams to video, music, prayer, leadership, skit teams, MADE, community service projects, awesome summer camp and challenging Life Enrichment Classes there is a program and a place for everyone!

FAD DRAMA - not your normal drama team, and we are not the happy hands club either! We minister like you have never seen before; we bring the word of God to life to anyone who sees us! We are an anointed silent praise team and always looking for new members!

FAD Video Team – our hottest and newest ministry team! We make music videos to the best and most popular Christian Artists. We make short films for youth services and to minister at conferences and to the adult service at our church! This is the place where you can carry out your dreams of the bright lights and fame!

FAD Praise N Worship – our anointed praise and worship team is made up of some amazing talent with in our youth group. Someone interested in becoming a part of our Praise Team needs to be an active member for at least a year! Praise N Worship is not based solely on musical talent but on a heart that seeks God! Praise N Worship is not entertainment it is a life style with a heart completely open to God and capable of leading others!

FAD Prayer – we are always looking for those young people who have been called to be Pray Warriors! During the summer months we begin Monday Night Madness! From ten to midnight we have Pizza, Prayer and Play time! From ten to eleven the gym is open for Pizza and basketball or other games then at eleven we move to the sanctuary to pray for our youth and the up coming year!

FAD Leadership – Consists of the Praise N Worship team and the juniors in high school. Team plans and gives input for the upcoming events and services. They lead prayer and devotions at times through out the year. Attend Leadership Annual Retreat for some repelling, ropes course, rock climbing and leadership development skills! It’s like the inner circle!

FAD Skit team – this is where the acting comes alive! No editing, no music this is hard core acting! We have some funny and some more serious skits! We always want new recruits! We have too much fun here because there is nothing like being on stage!

Crosstown FAD Give Back – this is our new outreach program. From picking up trash to Jesus Rowdy crowds at local sporting events this is our group that goes above and beyond the call! The volunteers change with each event! We engage in small town mission work as well as good ole small town cheering sections at high school ball games! We just simply reach out, no matter how big or small the call “The Crosstown FAD Give Back Team” is always there!

FAD Youth Trip – now this is where it is at! Talk about extreme youth camp! You will never and have never been in the Word like this before! The FAD youth group attends summer camp with Chip Brim and Go Ministries at Champions 4 Christ! There is nothing more life changing than this! We engage in morning, noon and night services and devotions in small groups! The youth leave feeling like and individual and return feeling like they belong to a youth group filled of teenagers that love the Lord like they do, want to change lives like they do and are ready to go back to school and impact others just like they do! In one week they change and become a powerful Warriors / Champions / Disciples of Christ!

FAD Life Enrichment Classes – known by some as Sunday School is divided into two groups: Middle School (MS) led by Brother Billy, and High School (HS) led by Sister Maggie. The FAD Sunday School classes study the same subjects, scripture, and/or themes just on a different level! Sunday school is for the Peter, James and John of the youth group. Those that want a challenge in their faith and want to go that extra mile with Jesus!