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Distractions-Senior Pastor Susie Berry


Everyday the devil tries to distract you from the things of God. God doesn't like it when we depend on people and things and not on Him. As long as we try to keep figuring things out for ourselves, God will let you. You must ask God to fill you with everything God has for you. You are only as powerful as the Word working in you. The Word of God in you attracts the enemy because he tries to draw you away from the Word. 

Wind & Fire


God never intended for the Holy Ghost to just stay in the upper room. God wants the Holy Spirit to effect everyone around you. The Holy Ghost is known as wind and fire. Wind causes fire to spread. Fire bends what is unbendable. God doesn't want to break us; He just wants to bend us a little. The fire purifies. Each of us has received a special gift from God, and we need the Holy Spirit to be used in ministry.  


Your Kingdom Inheritance - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


It pleases God extremely to give you Kingdom. What is the Kingdom of God? It's heaven on earth. We haven't began to tap into the potential that is in the child of God. 


Peace on Earth


Temple Decision: To Build or Not to Build


From II Samuel 7, God never asked anyone to build him a temple. Building the temple of Israel was David's idea. He wanted to be like the other pagan nations who had temples for their gods. When God's approval isn't enough, we try to get man's validation. We want people to see us as important. The temple was beautiful but it wasn't necessary. God wants to be in our presence every moment of the day. We are God's tabernacle. He is in us. 


The Pearl of Great Price


Jesus' government and peace will never end. Jesus is passionate about giving you what he promised. He wants us to enjoy life. How passionate are you about receiving it? In order to receive it, we have to change governments. Peace is available to us now. We have peace when all our needs are met. In God's government, everything in our lives is taken care of. The kingdom of God is already among us. It's inside of us. 


Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost


Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is a willful determine opposition towards the power and workings of the Holy Spirit. Talking against speaking in tongues is not blasphemy. Religion and denominations do not draw you to God. A relationship with God draws you to God. Hardening of heart is to be cold, insensitive , unfeeling, and unyielding. There has to be a changing of the heart before you can receive revelations. 


Covenant Relationships

Until we understand relationships with each other we will not understand our relationship with God.All we have to do is obey God and He will take care of the rest. God does not forget covenants. He values covenant relationships.

Pastor Lael LeBlanc


Same Faith


We need to see and hear the Word to build faith. Revelation takes a relationship with God. God doesn't move until you do your part. Your faith activates the commandments of God. You have to speak the Word to activate the Word. God is bigger than your opposition. God is more powerful than your opposition. 


Your Move


Cause & Effect of Generational Curses


We see the effects of certain things in our lives but what is the cause? There is a reason for what we are going through. Sometimes we just accept life as it is. No curse comes without a spiritual force at work. Generational curses can be passed down by the things you say. There is a spiritual dimension that over rides the natural. You can be delivered from generational curses. 


Generational Curses: Removing My Past From My Future Part I


A sleeping man doesn't know he has been a sleep until he is awaken. You can be spiritually alive and physically bound. You can be a christian and still need deliverance in certain areas. Events in life are not just accidents. Generational curses go through the blood line and can be seasonal. It's time to stop the cycle of things happening in your life. Break the generational curse so it's not passed down to the next generation. 


Pastor Susie Berry


Pastor Susie Berry


Fumbled Faith


Are we really passing the baton to the next generation? Have we fumbled our faith in handing the baton to the next generation? Churches teach behavior modification but there is no power in that. What drew the first believers was the supernatural maninfestation of the Power of God.


The Apollos Anointing


In the Kingdom of God no one is more valuable. In the Kingdom of God, every role is important. The only one who is not important is the one who is not doing anything.  John 4:36 says one sows, one reaps but they both rejoice together. We forget about the one who waters. Someone has to water. 

I Corinthians 3:6 says the one who waters is consistent. 



Culture today doesn't honor parents, teachers, or pastors. We have to raise up a new generation that values honor. Jesus was crown with glory and honor. We won't see the glory if we don't re-establish the honor. When honor is present, it causes everything around to be elevated.

What is Your Isaac?


An idol is anything good that becomes too important to you. We can't take God's hands because our hands are full. We don't have any problem giving up idols that we perceive as bad or sinful. Anything, even the good things, that replaces God from your life has become an idol in your life. It's time to ask God, "What is the Isaac in my life?"


Eight Minutes and Twenty Seconds -Senior Pastor Susie Berry


Our minds are programmed most of the time on what we don't have. We focus on our mountains instead of our creator. We worship the creation instead of the creator. God allowed us access to power. The enemy keeps us so distracted. Therefore, everyday we have to remind ourselves to put God in the right perspective. 


Toxic Relationships


Thriving in a Spiritually Mismatched Environment


To Know Him


An Approachable Jesus -Pastor Lael LeBlanc


It's a mistake to see people at higher levels spiritually. People don't go to hang out with the sick because they don't know what to say or do. God wants so desperately to reach the people in a low place. We need to be in places where people are hurting. Compassion and judgement can't coexist. Compassion is unconditional. We need to be approachable. 


The Value of Relationships


God values relationships more than he values revival. God doesn't want us to chase thing but to chase Him. It's not sermons that sustain you but relationships. God's plan is for us to need people. 


Jesus Left There


We put value on peoples flesh but our flesh has no value. The value is in the words that we speak. They are spirit and they are life. If you're wordless you have no benefits. The word has to be developed in the faith womb of your life. 


The Value of a Relationship Pt. 2


Sometimes we just need someone to stand beside us, not have all the answers. We need a refresher. A refresher is someone that is just there to be with you.


Belief Structure


Revelation is the key to knowledge. The law was unable to save us because of our sinful nature. Jesus is our deliverer. The Holy Ghost is our teacher. You must have a season of intimacy before you can know the truth.


The Value of a Relationship


A relationship is not a one sided thing. We should be there for each other in our relationships. Our goal is to help each other to be satisfied in God. 


A Preferred Future


God will do what you can't do, but He will not do what you're not willing to do. As much as you get frustrated with God, He gets frustrated with you. 


I Chose You in the Furnace of Affliction




Who are you? What are you bringing to the table? God knows you and He knows where you will be the most beneficial. 


Taking Your Seat


Pastor Lael LeBlanc


Interpretation of Dreams - Sister Johanna Hall


Sister Johanna teaches about dreams. Learn the meaning of symbols found in dreams. 


Spiritual Worship - Pastor Lael Leblanc


Spiritual Worship


A Virtuous Woman - Pastor Susie Berry


Did you realize you are an answer to a problem. That is why satan despises women. Pastor Susie teaches an awesome Word to Mothers. 




We teach people to worship God through demonstration, encouragement, and the Word of God.


What is Praise? Part II


Pastor continues his sermon on praise. He describes the different ways to praise God but everyone is created to praise. The Word says anything that has breath let him praise the Lord. 


What is Praise?


Praise defeats the enemy. When we don't praise God, people think God hasn't done anything for us. We were created to praise. 


Due Season


An awesome Word. God's promises are Yes and Amen!


The Spirit of Entitlement


Pastor Wesley Berry


The God that Nobody Knows


Pastor Wesley Berry


Resting in Grace - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


Rest in what Jesus has done. It's been paid in full. You don't have to do anything to be accepted by God. 


The Book


Pastor Susie Berry


I am Weary, O God


Sometimes you find yourself exhausted. The devil tries to wear you out, but God's will prevails if you humble and submit yourself to Him. Then, draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you. 


Seven Enemies of Your Promise


We think when we get saved we will have no more problems, but there are seven different enemies that will steal your promise from God if you don't defeat them. 


Seismic Shift


Nobody knows when an earthquake is coming, naturally or spiritually. There is no temptation except that which is common to man. The enemy tries to convince you, you are the only one going through something. This message will encourage you. 


God's Taking Us Somewhere


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


When the Odds are Stacked Against You


The enemy wants you to look at your situation with a carnal mind. But the Word of God says to be spiritual minded is life and peace. 


Rest from Laboring - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


We are righteous the moment we accept Christ. We are already walking in eternal life. Just rest in Jesus. 


Drug Addiction in End Time Prophecy Pt. 2


Continued series about drug addiction. 


Drug Addiction in End Time Prophecy Pt. 1


In this series, you will learn how drugs, Babylon, and the United States all fit in together. Drug addiction has affected every level of society. It's not just a worldly thing but a church thing.


What Would Your Life Look Like?


In this message, Pastor Wesley makes you think about what your life would look like without Jesus. We as believers have so much to be thankful for. He has brought us through circumstances and we are where we are today because of his sacrifice. 




Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


Blood Kin - God Just Wants to Love You


People reject God's love out of unworthiness. They can't understand why God will love them. What Jesus did for us makes us blood kin. When will you just let Him love on you? 


Dwelling in the Secret Place - Pastor Susie Berry


Jeremiah 29:13 says, you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. God shows up when you seek Him with all your heart. You will be empowered when you spend time in His presence. 


We All Have a Different Purpose - Pastor Brian Fitkin


We are all three part beings. Created in God's image doesn't mean we look like Him but we should act like Him. Acting like God causes you to live a victorious life. God created you for a purpose. 


Praise is What I Do


An awesome Word on the importance of praise and worship from Senior Pastor Wesley Berry. If you will give God the worship He desires, He will give you what you desire. 


Leadership Development


The only way a church can grow is to grow in small groups. As a connect leader, you must understand your assignment is developing leadership skills for advancing the Kingdom. 


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


Self Indulgent Society


Pastor Susie Berry


If You Know the Who, the What isn't Intimidating


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


Continue in Your Purpose


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


The Why & The Where


I Don't Have Anything to Lose


Life is full of pivotal points and defining moments. We have to look for the opportunities to make the right decisions in our lives.


New Testament Tithing


Do you want to be an old testament giver or a new testament giver? It's all about the heart.


Where Your Mind Goes, You Will Follow - Pastor Ashley Pendley


The past didn't consume you. The trials you're going through right now won't consume you either. We want everything fast but that's not good for you. These things will build character.


Being Led by the Spirit - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


The devil told Jesus, "If you are the son of God." Just as the devil tried to rob Jesus of his identity, he tries to rob us of our identity. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.


The Power of Release Pt. 3


Continuing the Series on The Power of Release.


The Power of Release


god is not a respecter of person but of principle. The promises of God are already in us, but we have to release them.


Not Missing the Time of Your Visitation - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


The Jews were looking for a lion to deliver them from their captivity of the Romans instead of a lamb to deliver them from their sins. Israel missed their messiah. Don't miss your visitation.


The Power of Release


God is not a respecter of person but of principle. The promises of God are already in us. We just have to release them. This message will FOREVER change your life. It's time to take authority.



People of Promise


Senior Pastor Susie Berry teaches an encouraging Word about not giving up on what God has promised you. Don't let your faith waiver in the danger zone.



A Spiritual Awakening


Pastor Ashley Pendley


The Twin


We struggle and battle with two natures housed within the same physical body. You have to keep full of the Holy Ghost or the flesh will fill up that space.




Senior Pastor Wesley Berry



Children of God


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2016 - Pastor Earnest Jordan



A Caveman Mentality


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2016 - Pastor Connie Tousha


Are You a Yeti or an Igloo?


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2016 - Pastor Connie Tousha


There's a Shaking Taking Place


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2016 - Sunday Night Service with Evangelist Stephen Hoell


I'm Not Sorry for Being Late - Evangelist Stephen Hoell


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2016 - Great Word by Evangelist Stephen Hoell


A Maniac on a Mission


God had a plan first, then He created you for that assignment. You have to remain focused to complete the assignment God has for your life. Everything significant in this world was accomplished by a maniac on a mission.


Great and Mighty Things


God's intention was never for us to live an average life. God put no limitation or restrictions on our lives.


The Assignment of Man


No man is an island. No one has arrived where they're at without the help of someone.


Be Strong and Courageous - Senior Pastor Susie Berry


The enemy can't do nothing to stop God from loving you, but he can blind you to the promises of God. Don't allow the hard times to pull you away from God. That's when you need to be worshiping God.



Maximize Your Effort


When you imagine a picture in your mind, something you want to do, the brain thinks it is actually happening, and it will make it happen.


Don't Be a Settler


What you have passion for is what you will see manifest. When you settle, you aren't going anywhere. In declaring, things that are not are about to be.




God had an idea, and then He wrapped you around that idea. Dreamers believe in what they are called to do.


Own It


We got on the deffensive, but you can't win when your playing on the deffensive. We need to become offensive. You have to make the enemy back up.


Who Do You Say That I Am?


An awesome word from Senior Pastor Wesley Berry.


Owning, Borrowing, or Renting It


When you own something it gets its identity from you. We need to continue to invest in ourselves.


Work Your Faith


You need to work your faith to make things happen in your life. Faith is standing between your promise.


A True Worshiper


God is looking for people to worship Him in spirit and in truth. We must put the presence of God first.


Not Cultured to the World but Cultured to the Word


How are you culturing your family and your children? Does it look like the world or the Word? This is an awesome word from Pastor Ashley Pendley.


We Are the Righteousness of Christ


An awesome word that will encourage you.


The Goodness of God


Conviction draws people to God. Condemnation draws people away from God. It's the goodness of God that draws men to repentance.




We get so caught up in works we forget about grace. We try to be worthy enough to please God. Our righteousness is as filthy rags.




Satan will try to manipulate your future by the scars people have placed over you, before you realize your strengths. You have a purpose and plan in the Kingdom of God. God gets the most glory out of using broken people.


Buried in Baptism, Risen in Christ


Acts 2:38 says, "Repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost." Repentance is towards God. Baptism is into Jesus, and we receive the Holy Ghost. An encouraging message from Pastor Lael LeBlanc.


Walking in God's Benefits


An Awesome word by Pastor Harold Presley


Influence of the Holy Ghost Pt. 4


Influence of the Holy Ghost Pt. 3


The Holy Ghost is for every believer. It is not just for specific denominations. It is a free gift from God that you receive after you are saved. The Holy Ghost is your teacher on how to act like a Son of God.


Influence of the Holy Ghost Pt. 2


Influence of the Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost is not spooky. The Holy Ghost changes a person's perception by awakening and enhancing him to reality.


The Grain, New Wine, & Olive Oil


Live by Faith


When your faith is shaken, thankfulness no longer exists in your heart. If God is worshiped when it's hard and devastating, then you will receive the promise. 


Arise and Eat


When you have been through a season of spiritual battle, there comes a point where you need to stop trying to be progressive in your walk. It is important to just stop and feed your spirit. Therefore, trust that God is in control and come out of your cave.


Passion-People-Purpose Bishop Drake


We need passion in our churches. We need to want God like we want to eat or to breathe.



Difficult Times


There is a deception in our world. Deception is a process not an event. The devil deceives inches at a time. We've got to get back to the common core of what we believe.





We get wore out when we don't have balance. We feed our flesh three or more times a day, but most people don't feed their spirit even once a day. In this message, you will learn how to have balance in your life. 


Divine Safety - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


"Walking in Divine Safety" no longer walking the green mile, but stripping myself of everything because I have nothing for Him. Jesus endured the mercy seat for everyone who will repent and change their focus.


Keep Your Focus


Pastor Rocky expounds on the importance of getting focus and staying focused on what God has promised you.


My Brother's Keeper - Pastor Ashley Pendley


We are living in a world of broken hurting people. These broken people are looking for someone to give them hope. We are our brothers' keeper.


Trust, Rest, Manifest - Pastor Ace Patterson


The even if faith trusts God regardless. You trust God by having a relationship with Him and then resting knowing He's got it. Believe the Word over your circumstances and watch the Word manifest.


The God of Peace - Pastor Livingstone Zitha


The word of peace is an expression of what God has for you. When God blesses you, people will wonder how you got there.


Pastor Wesley Berry


An awesome Word.


God's Style of Evangelism


Sin was never the focus to connect people to God. The focus should be the love of God.


Your Change, Changes Lives - Pastor Ashley Pendley


Change can produce fear or hope. Don't worry about the change itself, but what the change produces in you.


Eternity is Your Choice - Pastor Susie Berry


Satan can't undo what God has done. He can only distract you from the reality of what God has done. Jesus wants to be found by you.


The Focal Point of Your Mind - Pastor Susie Berry


There is a mighty struggle for the focal point of our minds. The focal point of your mind goes where the world pushes you. You have to stand up and resist the pull of that flow.


Seek God First - Pastor Ace Patterson


God says spend a little time with me. When we go after the things of God, God will take of everything else.




Medicines change, doctors grow old and retire; but God's Word will never change. Regardless of what you face, God's word will get you through it.


Love Without Compromise Pt. 3


Some of the most anointed people are the most messed up in the beginning. People need some one who will instruct them and still love them when they fail.


Love Without Compromise Pt. 2


Most of us have given up on people through bitterness. It's not about what people did in the past but what they are doing now. Sometimes you don't appreciate God's goodness until you've went through some bad times. David said it's in the valley that God restores my soul.


Love Without Compromise


An awesome word from Senior Pastor Wesley Berry


Surrender to God's Purpose


An encouraging word from Senior Pastor Wesley Berry. This message is the second part to the series on surrendering your life to God.


Living Water - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


When your lead by the Spirit, you will have success. We need to make sure we're not just receiving but giving out. What ever you are in need of, minister to other people in that area.




There are some things we have to put in the right perspective. In the surrendered life, God will bless you with peace and mercy.


Communion with the Holy Spirit - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


At first God was for us. Then when Jesus came, God was with us. Now, the Holy Spirit is in us. The Holy Spirit wants an intimate relationship with us.



Living by a Different Agenda


The longest sermon Jesus preached was the sermon on the mount. The sermon on the mount can be summed up as "seek first the Kingdom of God". The world wants to draw you to the point where the Kingdom of God becomes second in your life. God's Kingdom is in competition with other thngs in your life. It is time to live by a different agenda than the world.


Build Your Faith Pt. 2


An encouraging Word from Senior Pastor Wesley Berry.


Build Your Faith


As long as you feed your flesh more than your spirit, the flesh will have more power. The devil wants to entrap you to keep you from progressing in God. Until you get delivered, you can't help someone else get delivered.


He is Greater - Bishop Chris Thompson


What is our focus in the midst of all the adversity that we need to keep in mind. We got to recognize who is our deliverer. Who do you focus on? Focus on Jesus. He is greater than any of your uncontrollable circumstances.


Change is Coming - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


Jesus didn't go into the church looking for people to follow Him. God went after people who are undesirable. We wish we could start over which we can start over in Jesus. Hallelujah!


He is Preeminent - Rev. Mick Snyder


The Bible was written to reveal Jesus Christ. Jesus is the express image of God; a direct reflection.



Pastor Susie Berry


God made you in His image and put you in His presence. The enemy will pull you away if you don't daily refresh your spirit and get your perspective right. If you are spirit filled, you are hindering the enemy, so stop focusing on what you think he is hindering.



The Ten Commandments are Active Today


The ten commandments have not been done away with; the law of Moses has been done away with through Jesus Christ. You can't preach people out of sinning. It takes having a relationship with God.


The Election of Grace


God does not ever want you to leave Him out of the equation because with Him ALL things are possible. You are elected by God. You have been chosen by God to do what He is asking you to do. Sometimes things we go through are to stretch us so God can fill us. Trust God and know you have been elected by grace.



The Riches of Grace


Paul never teaches grace without including peace. When grace is understood, there is a confidence that produces peace in your life. You can have lots of money and not be wealthy.


The Revelation of Grace


The church is not to focus on sin but on grace. Grace is training you to reject sin. We feel we are entitled to grace, but God gives grace to the humble. Grace is a gift not a right. God uses man to show his grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness.


The Grace of God Part II


We have made grace a legalizing of sin. People will try to convince you that sin does not affect you. Those who take the grace of God in vain forget what God has done for them.


The Grace of God


Our job is to gather the harvest, and God will separate it on the day of judgement. We can not live the demand that the law places on us. If you are going to live by the law, then you have to live by the entirety of the law. Live under the grace of God.


The Harvest is Ready


Our greatest enemy is time. The harvest waits for no man. Our job is to gather the harvest.




Robyn shares her testimony.


I Want Souls


It's time to gather the harvest.


Do Your Relationships Deem You Successful? - Pastor Ashley Pendley


Would people deem you successful based on your relationships with others? How you treat people is a direct reflection of your relationship with your heavenly Father. God called you to be a peacemaker.


Faith Changes Things - Pastor Ace Patterson


We try to take care of our situations on our own and we exhaust ourselves. Then we try to run to the presence of God, instead of running to Him first. God is saying, "will you trust me in the storm". Have faith in God.


Love Wins - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


We need to break out of our barriers of self conscious. Love has its victory over sin. We obey Jesus not because we are afraid of punishment, but because we appreciate and love Him.



Witness Part III


The harvest waits on no man. When a person's heart has been touched by God, that's the opportunity to reach them.




Once you become a christian, one of the most natural things to do is to tell people about Jesus. People who live through things are the tools that God uses. Senior Pastor Wesley Berry explains how to be a witness.



Be Filled With the Holy Spirit


A word from Pastor Jeyaraj from India. Let us seek God so He will give us his anointing. God wants to fill you with His spirit so you can have His power. Jesus completed the work He was sent to do. Jesus left unfinished business with the church, to go into all the world and preach the gospel.


A New Breed - Pastor Lael LeBlanc


This is not only our final hour but our best hour. God is wanting to create a new breed. God wants to manifest himself through you.



Four Stages of Change


In our society today, we don't have an image crisis but an identity crisis. We just don't know in whom we trust. God says if He can just get us to think like Him, then He can work through us. Senior Pastor Wesley Berry talks about the first thing that has to take place before we can be more like Him is transformation. There are four stages to change. Our mind, attitude, lifestyle, and culture. Our mind is the easiest to change but the hardest is culture.



The Holy Ghost Series Part III


God needs spirit filled people in the world more than he does the church. The church is where spirit filled people come together and get energized. When the spirit of God shows up, expect something supernatural to happen.


Easter Service: Your Ransom is Paid


Isaiah 1:8 says, "Though your sins are as scarlet they shall be made white as snow." Being good, being a wonderful father or wife, religion, or having a good education can't do it. Only the blood of Jesus can take away our sins.


The Holy Ghost Series Part II


Jesus gave authority to the church. Quit doing business in your name and do it in the name of Jesus. Your gift is to profit everyone, so don't seek glory through your gift.


The Holy Ghost Series: The Need


We never heard much about Jesus until he turned 30 years old, after He was baptized with the Holy Ghost. After the Holy Ghost came upon Jesus, He began to do some really cool things. Jesus was our role model. 


Be Filled With the Spirit


After you repent, you have the opportunity to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The twelve disciples didn't do any ministering until the day of Pentecost. Without the Holy Ghost, nobody can be what Jesus was in the spirit.


The Holy Ghost Series


God can do things in your life in a moments time. You don't know what God is about to do. Right now is the time to develop who you are and who you will be.


Deal With the Source


We as Sons of God need to stop walloring in the results and deal with the source. Stop allowing the enemy to intimidate you and take your place of authority.



Ready For His Presence


Pastor Ace expounds on the importance of walking in the spirit and not the flesh. It's in God's presence where we receive what we need.


The Trinity


Pastor Susie teaches on the trinity; God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are three persons but all one. Pastor Susie explains the importance of having a balance scale and allowing the Holy Spirit to rule over your life.



The Holy Ghost


The only thing you need to get to Heaven is the repentance and remission of sin. However, you need the promise of the Holy Ghost to be a witness. The Holy Ghost is not an option.



You Can Be a Winner & Still Be Wounded


Some people have a spirit of rejection. Rejection tells you if you don't reach a certain level of success you are not valuable. Don't chase after the affirmation from man but from God. If you will accept who you are in Christ, rejection can't bother you.


A Living Sacrifice


Jesus was broken for broken people. In this message, Pastor Lael LeBlanc explains the meaning of the tabernacle in the wilderness.


According to Your Faith


Faith is not dependent on size. You don't need more Word, but you need to act on the Word you have. Mustard seed faith will move mountains. Robust faith can only be grown through difficulties.


Heaven, Paradise, and Abraham's Bosom


Pastor Susie explains the difference between Heaven, Paradise, and Abraham's Bosom. The thief who died by Jesus' side was the first to be crucified both under the law and under grace.


Don't Process Through Emotions

Senior Pastor Wesley Berry

Living a Victorious Life


If you don't feel victorious right now, it's because you are not maintenancing yourself. The maintenance of something is the longevity of it. You must continue to fill your spirit back up.


Transfer Your Trust


Pastor Lael LeBlanc teaches an awesome Word about a transfer of trust. America can no longer be called a christian nation. Our confidence is misplaced. We need to transfer our trust. Jesus said his Kingdom is not of this world, so if we are part of His Kingdom than we are not of this world. Therefore, our trust should be in Him and not in worldly things.


See the Enemy Differently


Special guest Pastor Ron Wooten from South Africa.


Don't Cast Your Pearls Among the Swine


Revelation doesn't come to the casual, those who seek occasionally, or the half-hearted. Revelation comes only to those who seek Him with their whole heart.


A Person of Influence


Pastor Berry explains three things you need to become a successful leader. They are personality, ability, and maturity.


It's a Good Day to Be You


Pastor Wesley Berry preaches an encouraging Word for the new year. It is a great time to be you. It is time to enlarge your tent and dream BIG.


The Fourth Beast


Are you facing a demon you have never faced before and you feel like God isn't listening? Well, don't give up because God is going to declare a judgement for you.



Come and Adore Him


Christmas is not about a baby in a manger. It is a celebration of the Word being made flesh to dwell among us. We are the manger because He, the Word, lives on the inside of us. The Word never gets outdated and never needs revised. It worked in the beginning, and it will work now. This season give honor and adore the Word.



Focus Your Thoughts


In this message, you will learn how to stand firm. Faith and doubt operate from the same power source called focus. Your doubt will be fed by your focus, and your faith will be fed by your focus. It's important to remember that people don't trouble you, but trouble troubles you. Trouble attacks you to knock you off course to steal your momentum. This is an awesome and encouraging Word.



Spiritual Attraction


In the spirit, is where God lives. In the spirit, there are angels that are drawn to your words but not just the holy angels but demonic angels. In this message, Pastor Lael LeBlanc asks you, "Which angels are you attracting?" Your words are powerful, so use them to change your circumstances for the better than to curse your life.


Stay Focused


Pastor Terry Tatum preaches an encouraging Word about staying focused because God is about to do an amazing thing in your life.


God's Original Idea Pt. 2


It was God's original idea to have Heaven and Earth operate parallel to each other. The same laws in Heaven are the same laws on Earth. The world is waiting on the manifestation of the sons of God.


God's Original Idea


It was God's original idea to have Heaven and Earth operate parallel to each other. The same laws in Heaven are the same laws on Earth. The world is waiting on the manifestation of the sons of God.


Made in His Image


An awesome Word from Pastor Wesley Berry.




This New Season


Pastor Susie Berry and her daughter, Ashley Pendley, cast a vision for the ministry. Sister Ashley will explain how to grow your faith.


Worship Will Bring Change


An encouraging Word from Pastor Wesley Berry.


Soulish Christian


Pastor Susie Berry brings a good Word. To educate yourself for the Kingdom of Heaven, there is going to be a war between the spirit and the flesh. Your body is just a shell. Your mind and emotions are your flesh, but it's the spirit not the soul that is reborn. It is your responsibility to renew your mind with the Word.


Don't Be a Creeper


In this message, Pastor tells you to keep your mouth shut about things that you can't say in front of everyone. The enemy will use you to tear others down, so don't be a creep.


Transition or Trouble


Sometimes you've got to stand in the middle of nowhere and praise God that you're headed to somewhere. This Word will encourage you to know that God is with you and always has been.


Occasionally But Usually


In today's society it is all about me, me, me. There's not a problem enjoying or receiving the accolades from man, but when your attention is drawn away from God for the need to be accepted by man that is a deep place with no rules or regulations. The problem is selfishness. Selfishness must be replaced with selflessness.


The Right Circumstances


Circumstances caused John the Baptist to question who Jesus was, but Jesus didn't want John to have faith in himself but what He was doing. He told the disciples to tell John the works of Jesus. We all come to this point in our lives. We question who God is, where is God, or why God? But remember it's not about you but what He does in you. The enemies job is to discourage you but know that you are doing better than you think you are



The Good News


Either God is good or He is not. There is only one way to come into the presence of the Lord and that is with thanksgiving and praise.


Manifested Glory


The rule of God trumps the rule of man in the Kingdom. In the Kingdom of God, it's not enough to just talk about the Kingdom there has to be demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. The church is supposed to be the manifested glory of the Kingdom of God.


Operate in the Son Mentality


Pastor Rocky Ausbrooks teaches a powerful Word. Most people live their life in a slave mentality. The Word says that God is seated in a rest position with His son, Jesus beside Him. Therefore, we have to operate in the authority God has given to us. Get out of a slave mentality and begin operating as a Son of God.


Your Deepest Needs


Senior Pastor Susie Berry teaches a powerful revelation from God's Word. Most people never come to Jesus to get their deepest needs met. Instead they depend on other people to meet those needs and they get discouraged and frustrated when they can't. Let Jesus meet your deepest needs.


Walking Out of the Fearful and Into the Fearless


One of satan's biggest tactics is fear. Although, God tells us over and over in His Word "Do Not Fear".



Revealing God's Revelation


Pastor Susie Berry


What's Holding You Back?


Why are you not seeing the manifestations of God? What is that one thing we have to offer that the world doesn't have? Find out in this message what brings people to God. You can live in the supernatural. Pastor Rocky explains the two reasons why we aren't seeing the manifestations of God in our life.


Living in the Promised Land


Jesus came to earth not as the Son of God but as the son of man. Jesus himself had to be perfected (matured) before He could begin his ministry. God will not give up on you. He can bring you from Egypt, through the wilderness, then finally to the land flowing with milk and honey. God wants you Living in the Promised Land.


No Option...The Power of Tithing


When you give your tithe (10%) to God, what you are actually saying is that all my finances belong to God. Therefore, the tithe is the covenant token that establishes your remaining finances as being in covenant to God's resources and provision. Tithe is about honoring God. He isn't trying to take money from your hands, but He is trying to get a blessing to you. Tithe is no option.


No Option


Pastor Berry preaches a powerful truth on tithing. Tithing has nothing to do with the law. Abraham paid his tithes 400 years before the law. Tithing is about honor.


Kingdom Concepts..Having a Kingdom Mind


The mind is the key to our entire being. Our greatest problem is not what we do, but our greatest problem is what we think. That's why Philippians 2:5-6 says, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. A Kingdom mindset is a precursor to living a Kingdom life.


The Three Classes of Man, Part 2


A continuation of the message from August 27, 2014. Are you walking in the flesh or by the spirit? Pastor Berry explains the three classes of mankind.


Strong Foundation


We can't remain in the land of Moab, the place that never changes. In life, there are things that challenge us to move and make changes. They're sometimes painful but needed in the process called transformation. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 it says, there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.


The Three Classes of Man


Are you walking in the flesh or by the spirit? Pastor Berry explains the three classes of mankind.


Your Past Doesn't Disqualify You


Before you were born, God put gifts inside you. It doesn't matter what mistakes you have made. His callings are without repentance. Don't put God in a box and believe who He says you are in His Word.


Revelation by the Spirit


When we get connected to God and His power it will change us. We must remember that revelation comes only one way, through the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God brings revelation through how much of The Word of God that we have put inside us.


The Gratitude Attitude


Pastor and Servant Yesudhas of India teaches on always being in The Gratitude Attitude.


Authority of the Believer


Pastor Lael teaches on the Authority of the Believer.


Seek Greatness


Pastor Wesley Berry shows that we are more than overcomers and we should Seek Greatness in God.


Baptismal Service


Pastor Wesley conducts baptismal service.


An Acts 1:8 Church


Pastor Wesley Berry introduces the Acts 1:8 Church concept.  But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”-Acts 1:8


The Millennial Reign Pt. 6


There are believers and pretenders in every congregation and right now we need to decide which one we are. Jesus called them wheat and tares. Only when wheat produces its head of grain can you tell them apart. Remember wheat produces fruit and tares are fruitless.


The Millennial Reign Pt. 5


The second coming of Christ is not about us going to heaven but about us ruling and reigning with Jesus for a thousand years. If we truly believe the end is near we would be doing so much more to advance The Kingdom then what we are currently doing. We know the signs of the end of time by watching Israel.


Know Your Enemy


Most people have no information about their enemy, the devil. However we need to understand that he knows all about us. We must study the way our enemy thinks and acts. It's the goodness of God that draws man to God and it is the lust of the flesh that draws man to the devil.


Pastor Livingstone Zitha PM Service


Dr. Livingstone Zitha of Johannesburg, South Africa pastors a church of 7,000 plus members.


Pastor Livingstone Zitha AM Service


Dr. Livingstone Zitha of Johannesburg, South Africa pastors a church of 7,000 plus members.


The Millennial Reign Pt. 3


You can never understand God's heart until you can relate to what He has a passion for. God's passion is for souls.


The Millennial Reign Pt. 2


Pastor Wesley Berry continues teaching about the millennial reign.


The Millennial Reign


Pastor Wesley Berry teaches on the millennial reign using the book of Job.


To Produce Fruit


God uses delays to train us because it takes longer to get Egypt out of us than it does to get us out of Egypt. Our thought patterns and fleshly habits have to change before we can enter into our promise land to produce good fruit.


Hell is Coming


A message from Pastor Wesley Berry.


Living in the Supernatural


Living in the supernatural begins with becoming a student of the Word. When you yield to the supernatural, God takes over the parts you can't do on your own. In this message, Sister Ashley Pendley teaches you the four steps to unlocking the supernatural: 1) study it, 2) believe it, 3) speak it, and 4) do it.


Amazing Love


Pastor Lael LeBlanc teaches on the unconditional love of the Father.


The Spirit of the Lord Came Mightily


The enemy loves to get you out of the anointing of your assignment. The anointing breaks off a person what they can't break off themselves. Also what is broken off of you , will never return.



Peeling Back the Layers


There is a French Proverb that states, “Life is like an onion, which one peels crying.” All of us have had times when the winds of adversity have tried to overtake our FAITH. In this message Pastor Wesley Berry explains that we must peel away the layers of reason and doubt and replace them with faith and believing. We see a clear example of this in the story of the Children of Israel; a journey that was only eleven days took forty years. All this was necessary for God to build their faith and peel back their doubt.


Regurgitate and Rechew


Camp Meeting 2014 - Pastor Brian Fitkin delivers an encouraging word on the importance of not wasting the Word that has been preached this week. But in order for that to not happen, we must regurgitate and rechew it again until you get it from just head knowledge to revelation in your spirit. The Word of God is good seed and it will produce good fruit but sometimes the soil is bad. The Word can and will change your life if you allow it. 


A Lonely God


Camp Meeting 2014 - Evening service with Pastor Michael VanMeter. Pastor VanMeter preaches on the importance of having an intimate relationship with God. God wants to be loved back the way He loves you.


Words to Live By


Camp Meeting 2014 - Noon service with Pastor Michael VanMeter


Can You See It?


Camp Meeting 2014 - Evening service with Pastor Dwayne Daigle


When God Says You Can


Camp Meeting 2014 - Noon service with Pastor Dwayne Daigle



Camp Meeting 2014


Brother Stacy Hilliard


Camp Meeting 2014 - Brother Joe McGee


His insights on relationships will open up scriptural secrets and common sense applications, that will change your marriage, your family, and your life.


Camp Meeting 2014 - Brother Joe McGee


Awesome teaching on faith without works is dead.


Praise Before the Victory


You should praise Him "for" the victory not "after" the victory. There's no faith in that kind of praise. Pastor Wesley Berry wants you to see that when you honor God with your praise before the battle, you are saying that you believe the battle is already won.



A Change of Heart


The only thing that will change a person is their desire to be changed. You have to let God change you. You will never become what God needs you to be by remaining the same. There is only one word that truly defines growth, and that word is CHANGE.


Others...Why Christ Came


Regional Director at IPHC World Missions Ministries Ron Wooten delivered an encouraging word that Christ came to save you not Himself.


The Power of the Believer


Pastor Wesley Berry teaches that the power of the believer comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit. If Jesus is our example and we must be like Him, then we must also receive the Spirit of God. Jesus lived by the Spirit. Therefore, we must be filled to have the power and experiences He did as a man.


This is Not it


Pastor Susie Berry teaches an encouraging Word that "now" is not that important.  God is more concerned about your life in eternity.


A Dying Man's Priorities


If you were given an appointment with death set for 3 years from now...How would you spend your last days? Would you fall into depression, party all the time, or beg God for more time? Your every word, every action, every investment, and every sacrifice should be calculated and concentrated on one goal, fulfilling the plan of God.




A Mother's Wisdom


Pastor teaches on the importance of developing your child's discernment and decision making because they will face making decisions their entire life.


Identity of Jacob


Pastor Rocky Ausbrooks delivered an awesome Word on your identity in Christ with the story of Jacob.


Kingdom Concepts: Tearing Down Strongholds Pt.4


Jezebel's story is told in 1st and 2nd Kings and she is described as rebellious, manipulative, one who usurps authority, craves complete control, very independent and extremely ambitious. REV 2:20-23 (AMP) But I have this against you: that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [claiming to be inspired], and who is teaching and leading astray my servants and beguiling them into practicing sexual vice and eating food sacrificed to idols. Pastor Berry teaches that on the spirit of Jezebel. We must remember that this is a spirit not a person, it is a spiritual personality. Jezebel literally means "without cohabitation", simply put this spirit refuses to live together or co-habit with anyone.


The Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost is the Third Person of the Trinity at work on earth. Everything that God does here, outside of heaven, is by the Spirit. All the experience of believers, forgiveness, answers to prayer, assurance, joy, hearings and signs are the works of God performed by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not an accessory, not an option, we must have Him operating in our lives to function on earth.


Kingdom Concepts: Tearing Down Strongholds Pt.3


There are primarily three battlegrounds that we as a church face conflict everyday: 1. The Mind 2. The Church 3. Heavenly Places. In this message Pastor Wesley teaches on the battleground of Heavenly Places. Listen as Pastor uses Ephesians 6:11-12 to show the methods that the enemy uses to deceive us. Pastor also identifies the four levels of spiritual enemies of the church. Please join us as Pastor continues his teaching on Kingdom Concepts: Tearing Down Strongholds Pt.3.


Prayer In The Garden


Easter Sunday Service 2014. Pastor Wesley teaches on The Prayer In The Garden.


Gods Wisdom


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry preaches a dynamic message on Gods Wisdom.


Kingdom Concepts: Tearing Down Strongholds


Wisdom always precedes the battle. If you are double minded then there will be no victory in your life. The Battle that is before us is that our enemy has been deceiving people for thousands of years. We must learn to tear down the strongholds he has placed in our lives. The battle ground called the church is where more people are offended at the church than the world. The enemy is the only angel that will use the Word against you. He is constantly string chaos. Remember the Word says where there is strife and envy there is every evil work. Pastor Wesley teaches us that the basic Kingdom Concept that will tear down strongholds in your life are The relationship between you and God and The relationship between you and others.


Hold On, Hope Is On The Way

What is hope? Hope is defined as to desire with expectation of obtainment and to expect with confidence. Many people lack hope and are sad and depressed due to their lack of hope. The bible says Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Sister Ashley tells us that our confidence and hope is Jesus so we should Hold On, Hope Is On The Way.


Kings And Priests


The Lord told Pastor Susie that people are hiding their sin because they are either too prideful, too ashamed, or too afraid to let it be revealed. We need to stop being naïve because God can see everything. God wants to remind us that He is holy. We must have the mindset that once we accept Christ as our savior that we are Kings and Priests.


Who's Name Is on Your Forehead?


Someone's name is on your forehead, it is either God's or Satan's. According to Revelation 22: 1-4 They shall see His face and His name shall be on their foreheads. Pastor Susie teaches that for us to be saved and make heaven we must have His name on our foreheads. She asks the question, Who's Name is on your forehead?


Selective Power


We can’t just ignore Satan and walk with God. We fear making sacrifices to God that hurt our flesh. Think about this, when we place on Satan’s alter things that were meant to be ours in Christ, by living outside Gods will, it is truly a much greater sacrifice than if we just live for God in the first place.


The Danger of Offense


What does it take to offend you? The devil battles us by baiting us into offense. In this message we learn three things that hurt us by being offended. We must know that there is a reward for forgiving those who we have offended as well as those who have offended us.


Kingdom Concepts: Jehovah


Most people don’t have a relationship with God, what they have is a need for God based on a situation. When that need is met they don’t need God anymore, until the next situation arises. People now days are too busy or too distracted to have a personal relationship with Jehovah. Pastor Wesley Berry teaches on the importance of having a personal relationship with Jehovah.


Your Importance to God


Some people believe only a few special people can understand the Word. The Bible is a revelation that God will reveal to you. You will be judged by what God says in the Word, not by your own opinions. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get in the Bible and study it and know what it says. It is a manual to live by.


Marriage Building 101 Pt.2


Two things last forever: the body of Christ and the Word of God. Marriage is something you build not find. Love is an action not a feeling. The serving kind of love. A spouse is a gift from God to help bring out your character flaws.


Marriage Building 101 Pt.1


Two things last forever: the body of Christ and the Word of God. Marriage is something you build not find. Love is an action not a feeling. The serving kind of love. A spouse is a gift from God to help bring out your character flaws.


True Riches


The True Riches is not the stuff. True Riches is the presence of the Father! The Father is the inheritance NOT the stuff. The best father figure to copy after is our Heavenly Father. God just wants a relationship with us. We don't have a choice, we must be in the Word.


Kingdom Concepts: The Provision


It was a forethought of God to give a title deed to those who seek first the Kingdom. We must lay aside your agenda and get into God's agenda. Having a relationship with God is the only way that He becomes Jehovah and Elohim. The definition of Jehovah Elohim - I am the only God that exists and I want to have a relationship with you to show you my creative power.


Kingdom Concepts: Tearing Down Strongholds


Before taking on a Kingdom we must first take on the enemy of the Kingdom. The devil can not convince us with his lies, he has to sprinkle in a little truth with it. Strongholds are where unbelief and disbelief dwell and this is a place void of any truth.


Spiritual Truth


Pastor Susie teaches a powerful message about Spiritual Truth. Getting us to heaven is not nearly as hard as getting heaven into us. In this message Pastor Susie shows us how to distinguish between spirit, soul and body.


Kindom Concepts: Mindsets


We may be saved but not yet converted. We must transform and renew our mind with The Word of God.


Kingdom Concepts: Absolute Truth


Truth has to be absolute truth not relative truth. Absolute truth is not diluted. The moment you vary from truth it is no longer truth anymore.


Kingdom Concepts


Daniel 4:26 tells us Heaven rules the earth. We think our agenda trumps God's agenda. You see God created man to take care of His agenda.


Canceling Out


We need to define love according to The Word of God, not just the way the word defines it. Love and marriage is God's ideal not mans. God holds the copyright on it.


Enough Already


It is very important that we understand the difference between sin and iniquities. We must confess our iniquities so that we don't pass them on as an inheritance to our children. The only way to ensure that this does not happen is to get The Word inside of us so that we can overcome our iniquity.


Pastors Wesley and Susie Berry's Webcast


Pastors Wesley and Susie Berry


Pardon Me While I Go Through the Change


Sometimes the hardest times we have in our lives is when we go from the fleshly side to our spiritual side. God's Word is a declaration of what His will is in our lives not just a suggestion.


The Seasons of My Life


No winter is forever. Some strongholds are deep rooted in our lives. We can be delivered but, it will not come by a short five minute prayer. God's intent for our lives is to be blessed in every area of our lives.


The Stress of Success


We measure success by how much money we have. To often we are trying to fulfill a supernatural void with a natural solution. When your wanting more and more natural things what you are really needing is more and more of God.


Step Out of the Ordinary


Frustration can be from a divine source or a satanic attack. Frustration from God is when we are not satisfied with where we are in our lives. Ordinary is a greater thief to us than the devil ever will be. So we must step out of the ordinary. We must understand our potential.


Why Am I Struggling?


What is the Hell that we are going through? Could it be that we need more Word? The more of The Word we put in us, the more grace and peace we have. Through the power of the Knowledge of God, we have power. The more knowledge that comes our way the more our mind is renewed. We MUST become a student of The Word.


Thou Shalt Hear What They Say


Sometimes the enemy looks bigger than life but we need to know that God is bigger than our problems. You don't know what God can do until you have been through something. God knows how to us through all problems of life.


The Crippling Affect of Assumption


If you already feel defeated, then you will give up. We give in without a fight. You have to prepare an opportunity for the Lord to work.


None, Some, and Full Reward


Three part series on Honor.


A Treasure and a Field


This message by Pastor Wesley Berry will bless you.


The Day Jesus Lost His Anointing


The people looked at Jesus as the son of Mary rather than the Son of God. Pastor gives you important keys to receiving the blessings of God.


The Process


Pastor Susie Berry explains the need to live more in the realm that we can't see than the realm we can see. She explains the seven dispensations of the ages.




Powerful message on what happens when God gets involved in your restoration. He's going to ask you to step out of where you are at so He can begin to renovate and repair you. But God is not just about returning to you what was lost or stolen but also in multiplying you.


Not Many Fathers


Pastor Wesley Berry


The Butterfly Effect


Pastor Wesley teaches on the importance of not wasting your valley. You are where you are today because of the valley. He gives you six things that will cause you to waste your valley. Appreciate your journey and stop going through the same struggles over and over.


Got Guilt?


Sister Ashley Pendley delivers a powerful message on the two different kinds of guilt. If guilt causes you to stay away from God, that's condemnation. If guilt causes you to draw near to God, that's conviction.


Delusions of Grandeur


Someone who has delusions of grandeur has false impressions of ones own importance. The oldest trick of the devil is to make someone think they are the center of the universe.


Triffle or Trivial


Are you concerned with trivial things? Things that are not important. Paul said what I am giving you is what's important. The Word is what's important.




God is a jealous god. He does not want us to have any other gods before him. A god is anything worshiped or has control of some part of your life. Pastor explains the danger of this. They will take your life in a much different direction than that which the Lord desires for your life. God is jealous for your heart not because He is insecure but because He loves you.


God Likes Order


Pastor Wesley teaches on the spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts cannot be operated in the flesh, but by the spirit.


Keep it Simple


When you keep church simple, it thrives. When serving God is not about loving God, it makes serving God a burden.


Out of Complexity Seek Simplicity Pt. 2


Pastor Wesley continues the message on the seasons you go through in life. You can either take the low road or the high road. When you choose the low road, it leads to discouragement. When you choose the high road, you choose to persevere which leads to growth. In this powerful message, you will learn the simple truth about trials.


Out of Complexity Seek Simplicity


Pastor Wesley Berry preaches a powerful message on the seasons we go through in life. If you can live through the crisis in life then you can be healed and restored. God still loves you.


Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness




Open Minds, Open Hearts


Don't let the messenger discredit the message delivered. Have an open mind to the message and let you heart hear it and understand.


The Battle to Occupy


The heavens are the Lord's but the earth is given to the children of man. We have dominion over the earth. So what are we fighting because the devil has already been defeated.


The Law of Kindness


Pastor Wesley describes the qualities of kindness. Kindness begins with compassion. Kindness frequently requires sacrifice.  God blesses those who have shown kindness with kindness.


Are You Disciplined?


Do you pamper your flesh and not take care of your spirit. You can't be a champion without dome kink of discipline. We develop the spirit man through discipline. It's discipline that determines our destiny.


Holy Ghost Boldness


You will be blessed and encouraged through this anointed message.


No Shades of Gray


Evangelist Robby Mitchell is a powerful man of God. He declares the truth that is vital in these last days. You will be sure to be fed and encouraged through this anointed message.


Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves


Pastor Wesley preaches on Matthew 10:16. We should be wise in our speech so that we don't talk negative about someone that God may use to minister to others needs.


Syria Update


Pastor Wesley explains end time events concerning Syria and how it will affect Israel.


The Goodness of God Pt. 2


Pastor Bill Delso continues his message from Wednesday night on how good God is.


The Goodness of God


In this beautiful message, Pastor Bill Delso expounds on the goodness of God. The world needs to hear that God is a good God. The love of God is unconditional.


Taking Control of Your Thoughts


In this powerful message, Pastor Wesley explains how you never excel above your thoughts. Your thoughts either imprison you are set you free. You have to renew your mind daily by the Word of God.


Taking Control


When you over react to circumstances and situations that occur in your life, it is because of unhealed wounds from your past. Empowerment is to say, what you did to me, I'm going to let it go. Until you let go, God can't heal that insecurity. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.


No Excuses


God is not going to change his mind on what He has called you to do. It's not your strength that is impressive but your willingness even in your weakness not to quit. God is not going to use your strengths to draw people. In your strength you can say look at me, but in your weakness, you say look at God.


Endued with Power


Pastor Lael explains that you can't defeat a supernatural enemy with natural powers. In this message, you will see how the power of God is manifested in the nine gifts of the Spirit.


Occupy Until We Come


Pastor Wesley explains we are not fighting a battle but we are fighting for our faith. The Word says fight the good fight of faith. This is an incredible message with great insight. You will be blessed.


The Enhancement of Serving God


God is going to fulfill what you are believing for. The dreams you have been dreaming are not big enough. God is going to extend the area that He has covered. He is going to extend the degree of empowerment. It's going to be bigger and better.


God's Greatest Gift to the Church


God's greatest gift to the church was the Holy Ghost. Pastor Wesley gives some powerful insight on the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is for the entire body. It affects everyone differently.


Nuggets of Wisdom


Pastor Wesley gives nuggets of wisdom on faith, fear, logic, truth, discipline, and purpose.


Be Confident in Christ


Be confident and know that Jesus is enough for you.




Pastor Wesley Berry


To Die a Fool


God provided in Numbers 35:6 six cities of refuge. Now, that's grace. Even if you're guilty, God provides a city of refuge. It's God's ideal that man gets a second chance, but you must stay in the city of refuge.


Our Manual - Joe McGee


Evening Service


Fixing Hell - Joe McGee


Morning Service


Authoritative Voice of the Believer


Pastor Wesley continues to preach about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. When we understand authority we operate in a belief that is not common to man. Declare today what The Word says you are. The more you speak something, the more you have the tendency to believe it. You need to realize that your words have assignment.




Associate Pastor Bill Delso preaches on Arise.




Sister Ashley Pendley preaches an awesome message about Jealousy.


The Comforter


Brother Lael LeBlanc explains that the Holy Spirit is not an option for a born again believer. Join Brother Lael in this awesome message about The Comforter.


Signs of the Believer


Pastor Wesley Berry preaches on the Signs of the Believer.


An Uncommon Grace


Brother Lael LeBlanc teaches on a grace that cost a man his life. Many so-called Christians will play church but God is looking for serious commitment. Toying with God's grace was not His plan for Salvation. When you make Jesus your savior He must also become the Lord of your life.




In the last days, the love of many shall wax cold. It's only he who endures to the end that will be saved. We are not children of wrath and it is not God's character to punish righteous people for other people's sin.


The Heart of a Father


Associate Pastor Bill Delso delivers a beautiful message on understanding the character of God. Often times people put the blame on God for things the devil does. Satan is the one you need to be mad at not God. Our Father loves us and is never the author of destruction. He gives us good gifts and the greatest gift He gave us is the Holy Spirit.


Lost Identity Part 3 - Signs


Jesus is the one who fixes our lives. Self help isn't the answer. The message of the cross is the entire content of the bible.


Lost Identity Part 2


Pastor Wesley explains from II Thessalonians 2, that the day of the Lord shall not come until a falling away first. The spirit of the antichrist is already here, but stand fast and hold the love of the truth that you've been taught and do not be deceived. It is important that we remain in right standing with the Father and not slip back into our old nature, so we must become a student of God's Word and renew our mind daily.


Lost Identity


In this vital message, Pastor Wesley proclaims there is a shifting taking place in our land right now. In our desire to become sinner friendly, we have lost our focus on who we are. Pastor Wesley explains some things you can't touch when you're renovating the house of God. When you remove the Holy Ghost out of the house, you remove the ability to succeed.


The Spirit of God


Pastor Lael delivers an anointed message on the importance of the Holy Ghost. Any religion of God without the Spirit of God is just a business. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is for everyone.


God's Will and Our Prayers


God's word never changes but it does change things. Pastor Susie Berry stresses how we are overcomers when we spend time in God's Word and through prayer. We have the authority to reign over satan right now on this earth.


Don't Let Your Feet Slip


Pastor Bill Delso delivers an encouraging message on how the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God. Satan tries to wear you down to get you to quit and give up. Although, if you don't quit but continue taking one step at a time in being obedient to what God tells you to do, you will succeed in the life God has for you. Keep your feet firm on the foundation built on God's Word.


A Portrait of a Holy Woman


Do you want your husband to find you more attractive? Do you want your husband to want to please you? We all want this in our marriage. Pastor Berry delivers a powerful message on how to have a better marriage with more love for each other.


Earnest Expectations


Pastor Wesley preaches a powerful message on having the same boldness you had before things got tough. Nothing has changed, God is still God. We look for every reason to quit, but you can't lose if you don't quit. Greater is He that is in you.


Stages of Destiny Part 2


Pastor Wesley expands on his message Stages of Destiny. We never can say we have arrived, this is it. We're not to be part of a scene, but we are to change that scene. The purpose of our trials and tests is to get fully developed so that God will know when we are ready to step into everything He has prepared for us from the beginning.


Stages of Destiny


Our journey is a progression. We never can say we have arrived, this is it. We're not to be part of a scene, but we are to change that scene. The purpose of our trials and tests is to get fully developed so that God will know when we are ready to step into everything He has prepared for us from the beginning.


False Teachings...Continued


Pastor Wesley continues to explain the importance to study the Word. You interpret scriptures by confirming it with other scriptures. You can't just pull one scripture out and stand on it. We as believers must beware of the Nicolaitans who pervert the truth.


False Teachings


Pastor Wesley explains how to rightly discern the Word of truth. You interpret scriptures by confirming it with other scriptures. You can't just pull one scripture out and stand on it. We as believers must beware of the Nicolaitans who pervert the truth.




Associate Pastor Bill Delso teaches on God being you cornerstone so that you have a firm foundation in Christ. God has plans for you and knows who you would become, even before you were born. Pastor Bill delivers another practical message on Foundations.


The Rapture


Pastor Susie proclaims that the next big event in biblical history is the rapture. Pastor Susie explains the qualifications to ensure that we make the rapture as well as the purpose and signs of the rapture. God did not appoint us to wrath but gave us a way to leave this world through Jesus Christ.


Wearing Out the Saints


Associate Pastor Bill Delso explains how Satan does everything in his power to wear down the Saints. We must study our enemy and know that being busy is sometimes a weapon the enemy uses to stop us from doing God's will.


Full Of The Word


Pastor Susie proclaims that you need to know how the enemy works. If you do not have any Word in you, you have nothing to work with. The Word has to have a chance to take root in your life so you have something to combat the enemy with. That way you will know how to defeat the enemy.


Bring It

This is an anointed message on getting moving and keep moving for God. The body of Christ is not weak but we have power and potential. 


His Train Filled the Temple


Pastor Wesley delivers a beautiful illustrated sermon on the King of Kings. Jesus has defeated every king. King of sickness, king of lack, king of jealousy, and every king. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


What is Man?


The question is not who is man, but what is man. Our identity is not the problem, it's what we are called to do. You're anointed by God to do great and mighty things.


Prayer of Permission


God is in the sitting position. He's resting from all He has done. It is finished. We shouldn't be praying asking God to do something, but our prayer should be a prayer of permission.


Trust in the Heavenly Father

Associate Pastor Bill Delso preaches about true trust. Only when we trust in our Heavenly Father can we truly know the blessing he has in store for us.


Revelations of Sons


Pastor Lael LeBlanc talks about our righteousness in Christ. It is time for the Church to step into the revelation of who we are in Christ.


Our Position In Rightousness


Just because we don't us our abilities does not disqualify them. We call ourselves the righteousness but we operate in a carnal mindset. God gave us domination over the earth to show the devil that even man can defeat him.


A Still Quiet Voice


Pastor Ashley Pendley speaks with compassion about the busyness of American Families. Busyness is a curse from Satan. We must get away and spend quiet time with our Father daily so we have the strength to overcome the enemy.


Having Faith in Your Righteousness


Very few people have faith in the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Your level of righteousness is not depleted by sin. It was not Jesus who gave up on Judas. Judas gave up on Jesus. You must feed your faith and starve doubt and unbelief to grow your knowledge of righteousness.


A New Breed of Man


Pastor Wesley brings a powerful message on the act of grace. You can not grow in righteousness but in the knowledge of righteousness. Watch as Pastor Wesley gives a demonstration on how we don't need faith for what already has been given to us.


The Reality of Righteousness Pt. 2


Pastor Wesley continues to teach on righteousness. We have to believe what the Word says about us. We can't think it robbery to be equal with God. When we know who we are in Christ Jesus, we will begin to believe and expect the the favor of God in our lives. 


The Power of God


Brother Stacy Hillard brings a powerful Word from St. John 9:1-7. God wants to work a miracle in your life and bring glory to God.


The Reality of Righteousness


When righteousness becomes reality to who you are, all of a sudden it changes the way you approach God. You expect amazing things from God when you are righteousness conscience and not sin conscience.


The Recovery of Righteousness


Pastor Wesley explains when we become born again, we take on the divine nature of God. The love of Jesus will cause you not to break the law. Under the old covenant, man was viewed as a servant because everything was based on works. Now under the new covenant, we are called Sons of God.




Brother Rocky delivers a beautiful message on compassion. If you don't care about a person and their needs you can't reach that person for Christ. If we have compassion for that person's soul we will still pray for them and have them on our hearts, even when they are not around.


Where Are You?


Pastor Wesley Berry explains continues his series on sin conscientiousness through the story of Adam and Eve. The first thing that happened after sin occurred was condemnation. Sin conscientiousness robs us of fellowship with God, not sin.


Who Am I? Pt. 2


In this much needed message Pastor Wesley continues continues his message on sin conscientiousness. Pastor breaks down how we are more sin conscientious than we are righteous conscientious. We don't grow in righteousness but we grow in grace. The moment we get saved we are as righteous as we will ever be. Sometimes we have a relationship God but no fellowship. Once we have that fellowship we then have joy.


Who Am I?


We must be careful we don't magnify sin over redemption. Condemnation died to us who are in Christ Jesus. We have no business living in condemnation.


Faith Is Confidence


The greatest evidence that your in faith is when your resting. The opposite of rest is works. The devil has tried to convince us that something bad is going to happen. God is about getting you to a place of rest. Find out how you can enter into Gods rest today.


Adam Alert


Value is determined by what a person is willing to pay for it. The value of each soul is determined by the price paid by Christ when we were still sinners.


Dominion and Authority


In this awesome message Pastor Wesley instructs us that the next time something bad happens, instead of fear try worshiping and loving on God. Perfect love cast out fear. When God gets in the midst of your disorder your world has to change. We don't turn our attention to the devil but to God. Never, ever has satan been a threat to God.


Who Are We In Christ


It's important that we be careful how we listen. We must reinforce The Word of God in our lives. In this powerful message Pastor Susie Berry explains 25 awesome things that The Word says we are in Christ.


The Spirit Man


The Spirit Man is the only part about us that doesn't change. Learn about the two things in life that produce power. Discover the three keys that reveal our heart's condition.


Spirit, Soul, and Body


The scripture says that the flesh profits nothing but the spirit life. It is our responsibility to renew our soul daily with the Word.


What Would Jesus Say?


Pastor Susie talks about the seven churches in Revelation. She makes you examine yourself to see which qualities you have.


Candlelight Communion


Pastors Wesley and Susie Berry share their hearts with Crosstown about how their God showed up and showed off in the year 2012.


The Uncommon Factor


We try to guard ourselves from pain; sometimes pain is behind our passion to succeed. Forgiveness is the only thing that brings God into our pain.


Subdued vs Destroyed


Pastor Wesley preaches a powerful message on destroying your enemy. A subdued enemy will show back up while a destroyed enemy never shows up again once destroyed. Whether the enemy comes in the form of addictions, lust, insecurity, or some other weakness, it needs to be destroyed not subdued.


God Cares for Me


Pastor Wesley ministers an uplifting message from I Peter 5:7 about casting your cares upon The Lord. When we carry our own worries ourselves we're saying God does not care for me however when we cast our cares on God we are believing God cares for us. Join Pastor as he illustrates how to cast your cares upon Him.


Good Fight of Faith Pt. 2


As long as we are in this earth , we will have battles. In this message, Pastor Berry explains the seasons when the devil attacks.




Pastor Wesley explains how you need to have a heart for disciples more than the art of discipleship. You must have care and give attention to the new believer.


Good Fight of Faith


Pastor Wesley preaches a message about The Good Fight of Faith. Pastor reveals three strategies of attack the enemy uses against us to cause us to question Gods integrity. Delays, Distractions and Disappointments are the enemy's strategies and we must be aware of how he uses them against us to get back at God. The enemy is just a disgruntled former employee of Heaven and is jealous of Gods love toward us. This powerful message must be deep rooted in our hearts to truly understand the scope of Gods unconditional love.


The Gospel of Grace


Brother Lael LeBlanc preaches a beautiful message on grace. Learn how to minister the gospel of grace to those who are in need. A simple yet powerful message that is a must hear from our very own Brother Lael.


Simon Says You Can Live A Winning Life


Greatness lives in you. Even when you feel defeated God still wants you to prosper. God is trying to find people that renew their minds daily with The Word. He wants you to focus on your future and not your past, He wants you to Love God and to Love people.

Pastor illustrates that just as in the childhood game of Simon Says we need to pay attention to the details of what is being said. Then we must act according to what we heard and believe it because, God says in His Word that you can live a winning life.


Change Promotes Growth


The greatest mistake a person can ever make is to be afraid of making a mistake. Don't forsake the new thing God is doing in you. The Word of God is a progressive word and "Change Promotes Growth".


Chosen People


Elijah was an ordinary person just like you and I. But, he had an encounter with God. God is on your side, remember the secret to power is spending time with God and in His presence.


When I Change, Everything Changes


Pastor Wesley emphasizes, "When I change, everything changes". The harvest waits for no one. You were born for such a time as this. Don't worry about the money that you need to go to the harvest field. Go and God will provide your need, He will send the people necessary to meet those needs.


The Vision of Multiplying


Pastor Wesley explains the power of twelve. It's not about building a ministry but advancing The Kingdom through ministry. Jesus didn't teach individual ministry but corporate ministry. More than loyalty to man, faithfulness is a must.


Cell Groups


Cell Groups are to meet peoples needs. People go where they find their needs met. Our main purpose is to expand The Kingdom of God.


G12 - To Serve


Pastor returns from a trip in the Philippines and begins teaching on the G12 principles. Servanthood is at the core of G12 and we are all servant leaders.


GO Ministries


GO Ministries Revival Tour team visits Crosstown. Made up of second and third year interns, the team travels around the world igniting the revival fire of God in every believer’s heart.


God's Details...WOW Pt. 2


Pastor Susie continues to teach on the creation and how scientific evidence backs up what the Bible says. Pastor Susie shows how the different ice ages are reflected in the Word as well as other facts about earth shown in scripture.


What If


What if we learn to count it all joy when going through the trials and tribulations of life? God created each and every one of us with the ability to be more than overcomers.


God's Details...WOW Pt. 1


Pastor Susie teaches on creation, the trinity and the three ark angels. Pastor Susie can only describe God's amazing goodness with WOW.




God will always be working on us until the day He comes back for us. We are brand new creatures in Christ, even when we sometimes don't feel like it.




The biggest weapon the devil uses against us is condemnation. In this message Brother Lael teaches us that we need to just keep our eyes on Jesus and not on our own shortcomings or our own works.


When Intimidation Meets Reality


Pastor Wesley preaches a powerful message from 1st Samuel 17. The enemy talks smack to intimidate you and make you afraid. Fear isn't an emotion but a spirit. God hasn't given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind.


Seven Realms of Influence Pt.3


Pastor Wesley delivers a powerful message on the seven major realms of influence; family, church, education, business, government and politics, arts and entertainment, and science and medicine. Pastor focuses on education.


Seven Realms of Influence Pt.2


Pastor Wesley delivers a powerful message on the seven major realms of influence; family, church, education, business, government and politics, arts and entertainment, and science and medicine. Pastor focuses on business.


Seven Realms of Influence


Pastor Wesley delivers a powerful message on the seven major realms of influence; family, church, education, business, government and politics, arts and entertainment, and science and medicine. Pastor focuses on wisdom.


Stewards Of The Presence Of God


Getting us to heaven is not as much a challenge as getting heaven into us. The only way fulness of the Spirit is measured is by the overflow presence in our lives.


Personal Experience


Experience with Jesus will always trump knowledge about Jesus. Pastor Wesley explains that we must have an expectation of who God is, only then will you have an experience with that expectation.


Power To Become


No one associates with someone when they feel that the other person does not care. You cannot minister to someone if you do not know what they are facing. Pastor Wesley shows us how God uses our passion in what we have gone through to minister to someone who going through the same trials we have already faced.


This Very Moment


No matter what has happened in your past, good or bad, it has all worked to bring you to this very moment. Pastor Wesley explains that we should rejoice in what has brought us to this point in our lives.


Walking In Christ


To know who we are in Christ we must put on the same mind as Christ and think it not robbery to be equal with God. Brother Lael teaches us that we must Walk In Christ and use the same authority that He gives us.


Trust Issues


We have all had Trust Issues with another person at some point in our lives. Sometimes that issue is stemmed from Trust Issues with God. If we leave any part of our heart not open to God then that leaves room for the enemy to come in and cause those issues. Associate Pastor Bill Delso teaches on the importance of surrendering to God and allowing Him to come into our Trust Issues.


Absolute Faith


God has assigned us to reach certain people in our lives. We should not isolate ourselves from the people that God has assigned us to reach, even if they are people we might not like. Pastor delivers another anointed Word about living in Absolute Faith.


Opportunity In Progress


Often times, the way God gets mans attention is when he gets into a crisis. However, that is when The Glory of God shines brightest in our lives. Pastor explains that light shines brightest when it is in the darkness and we are just Opportunities in Progress.


Reason Of The Hope


God is looking for men and women who will believe God beyond imagination. I Peter 3:15 tells us that if someone asks, we need to be ready to give an answer for the reason of the hope we have in us. Pastor explains that we will start to see more opportunities to share our faith and our hope as this world gets worse and worse.


Boundaries - Pt. 2


In this message Pastor Wesley continues to show us in the Word of God that God says it necessary to set boundaries. We are sometimes afraid people won't love us if we set boundaries. However, this is enabling them and doing more harm than good.




God reveals things to us by His Holy Spirit so we are prepared for what is coming. God's perfect plan is not going to take the church by surprise. Learn how to be prepared in this exciting message by Pastor Wesley Berry.




We are sometimes afraid people won't love us if we set boundaries. However, this is enabling them and doing more harm than good. Pastor Wesley shows us in the Word of God that God says it necessary to set boundaries.


Submitting to God's Will


We rejoice when we see miracles but we need to remember that is just God being God. Miracles should be a normal thing in our lives and we should rejoice over salvations more than we do over miracles.


Who is Influencing Our Teenagers?


Pastor Wesley preaches an awesome message showing how God is using teenagers in the last days. Pastor shows that most of the Apostles were just teenagers when they were called by Jesus. And now that same message that was evangelized by teens is still being preached today.


I Wonder How We Got Here


There is so much going on in our country right now that we are not even aware of. Pastor Wesley Berry preaches on the signs of the end of time.




Pastor Bill explains how to receive the promises of God. The same faith that it takes to get saved is the same faith it takes to get healed, delivered and to prosper.


Hosting God


Our divine assignment is to host God. Pastor Wesley delivers an awesome analogy comparing our hosting of guests in our homes to our hosting God in our bodies. Our bodies are the temple of God. Jesus paid the price to live in us. so He now has the right to do what he wants in us. Buy Now


Gross Darkness


God knows what it takes to reach out to the next generation. We can not keep preaching our old doctrines to them, we must change. It is now time to progress in God. Buy Now


A Controlled Substance


In this powerful message Brother Lael LeBlanc relates the parallel between drugs and sorcery. Buy Now


Love Without Compromise


Join Pastor Wesley Berry as he preaches a message of Love Without Compromise. Buy Now


The Love Affair That We Have With Dead Prophets


It's amazing how we look back at people who have passed away and appreciate them more after they are gone than when they were alive. The beauty of the Gospel is that God uses imperfect people to preform the miraculous. Buy Now


To Please God


What does it take to please God? To please Him we have to perform what He has called us to do. Buy Now


The Blessed Life


The purpose of living blessed is so you can be a blessing. What you sow today you don't reap today. You reap what you sowed yesterday and you are sowing today what you will reap tomorrow. Buy Now


Face to Face: An Encounter with God


God wants to have a face to face encounter with you. God loves you enough to allow things in your life so you will depend on him. Buy Now


Holy Spirit - Pastor Michael Vanmeter


Campmeeting 2012 - Pastor Michael VanMeter. Buy Now


Holy Boldness - Bishop Tony Miller


Campmeeting 2012 - The spirit of God is constantly moving. God is looking for somebody that can move with him. He is bringing us into the right time. Buy Now


Audacious Faith - Bishop Tony Miller


Campmeeting 2012 - God told Bishop Miller to stir up audacious faith. God is trying to move our faith where we have no point of reference. Buy Now


Renew the Wineskin - Pastor Kevin Powers


Campmeeting 2012 - We want God to give us His best but we only want to give Him our left overs. When we change, then everything changes around us. What you give up for God he will multiply it back to you. Buy Now


How to Keep the Wineskin Renewed - Pastor Kevin Powers


Campmeeting 2012 - We want God to give us His best but we only want to give Him our left overs. When we change, then everything changes around us. What you give up for God he will multiply it back to you. Buy Now


Fellowship With Our Lord


Pastor Susie teaches on the importance of fellowship with God and how to follow his principles. Buy Now


What Questions Are You Asking?


Pastor explains seven questions you should be asking about your assignment? You should be able to answer these questions with certainty. If you want to know how to do something better you should go to someone who is doing it better than you are doing it. Buy Now


God Wants Your Broken Pieces


So often we try to protect God from seeing the broken side of us. However, God wants all of us, not just part of us. He wants us to trust Him and know that He will not throw us away when we don't fit a certain mold. Buy Now


The Impartation At The Table


Jesus imparted 126 scriptures to the disciples at The Last Supper. Doing so, He gave them information they would need to change the world. He explained how they would receive power, through the Holy Spirit, after he left. He also gave them insight as to how to live victorious here on earth. Buy Now


Battle For Your Kingdom


Every battle is for territory. The enemy will take his time and destroy your Kingdom piece by piece. Understand that you can't lose unless you quit. Buy Now


Staying Focused


Sometimes, God has to get us to a place of isolation and insignificance so you will hear Him. Pastor Wesley preaches about the importance of staying focused on God. Buy Now


Promotion of Servanthood


The person between you and your future is the person who mentors you. Your success isn't up to God, your success is based on decisions you make. Buy Now


Grace Supercedes Performance


We don't need less sin we just need more Jesus. Blessing and cursing is a matter of decision, not just happenstance. In this message Pastor Wesley explains the power of discipleship. Buy Now


Getting Heaven Inside of You


When people first get saved we have to teach them how to be strong while living in this world. We have to remember that Heaven lives in us. It is sometimes easier to people into Heaven than it is to get Heaven into people. Buy Now


Discipleship Cont.


Are you a Believer? Are you a Christian? Or, are you a Disciple? Jesus said that we are to be His disciples and as such we are to disciple others. In this Message Pastor Wesley Berry teaches us how and why we should practice Discipleship. Buy Now




Are you a Believer? Are you a Christian? Or, are you a Disciple? Jesus said that we are to be His disciples and as such we are to disciple others. In this Message Pastor Wesley Berry teaches us how and why we should practice Discipleship. Buy Now


Kevin Powers PM Service


Join us as Bro. Kevin Powers continues his message about discipleship. Sunday PM Service. Buy Now


Kevin Powers AM Service


Join us for Bro. Kevin Powers message about discipleship. Sunday AM Service. Buy Now


Faith Has To Be Sown


Our understanding of faith and how it works sometimes puts more emphasis on us rather than on God. God wants you to focus on the distributor and not on the vessel. Buy Now

We Serve a God Who Still Moves the Stone


The same God that moved the stone from the tomb Jesus was entombed in is the same God that will remove your stone. We worship God for what has done not just for what He is going to do. Buy Now


Do You Believe


We have enough faith to accomplish anything God said. We do not need an increase of faith but we just need unbelief out of the way. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 4-3-12

KIR broadcast for April 3, 2012. Buy Now

Who is the King of Glory


When Jesus rode in on the donkey, it was the first time he allowed the people to view him as the King of Kings. If Jesus is King of your life you have to allow him to have lordship of your life. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 3-27-12


KIR broadcast for March 27, 2012. Buy Now




Pastor Wesley Berry delivers an anointed message on how we think that because we have been in service a long time that we know everything.We need heart knowledge to have a personal relationship with God to hear his voice not real knowledge. Buy Now


Thoughts Plan or Plot


Assoc. Pastor Bill Delso delivers an awesome message on taking control of your thoughts. You have to cast those thoughts down by the washing of the word of God. Buy Now


From the Word to the Power


Most Christians repent enough to get forgiven but not enough to see the Kingdom.  The devil uses religion to keep people in bondage.  Jesus hates religion.  It is time to have the Power of the Word. Buy Now


Take the Lid Off


Now faith means we can have power right now here on this earth.  Jesus paid too high of a price for us not to be walking in everything Jesus has for us. Buy Now


Identity Theft


Are you tired of satan taking things that don't belong to him? Then it's important for you to know your identity in Christ. You are the King's son or daughter and it's time to start walking in the Power you have over the enemy. Enjoy this message with Sr. Pastor Susie Berry and begin taking back what is yours. Buy Now




The enemy will try to hinder you when you are on your way up with distractions. Distractions are the major cause of procrastination. Procrastination in return keeps you from advancing the kingdom of GOD. Buy Now


Kingdom of God is at Hand

Pastor Lael LeBlanc teaches on the Kingdom of God is at hand. Listen as we learn to use our authority to heal the sick and using Kingdom principles. Buy Now

Relationship - Core Values pt. 3

The husband and wife are a unit. When God blesses one the other is also blessed and if one is cursed then the other is cursed. In this powerful message we learn how to receive the blessings of God in our homes and relationships. Buy Now

Relationship - Core Values pt. 2

The husband and wife are a unit. When God blesses one the other is also blessed and if one is cursed then the other is cursed. In this powerful message we learn how to receive the blessings of God in our homes and relationships. Buy Now

Relationship - Core Values

If this generation doesn't have core values the next generation is only going to get worse. Pastor Berry teaches a timely message on how, we as Christian households, should be ran. Buy Now

Spirit, Soul and Body


We need to understand the difference between spirit, soul and body. This is so we will know how to defeat the devil. Your spirit doesn't need to be restored but your soul does. Psalm 23:3 says "he restoreth my soul." Your soul is no perfect, but through your spirit you are an overcomer. Buy Now


Small Beginnings Equal Great Endings


Pastor Bill Delso talks about how we need to rejoice because the foundation has been laid. Once the foundation has been laid, God is going to finish the job. Buy Now


Core Values pt. 2

Pastor Wesley Berry continues his message on Core Values. The only way we are going to change the next generation is by training up our children. Remember, how you trained your child at ten is how he will be at forty. Proverbs 22:6 says to "train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Buy Now

Keepin' It Real 1-31-12


KIR broadcast for January 31, 2012. Buy Now

Core Values


The only way we are going to change the next generation is by training up our children. Remember, how you trained your child at ten is how he will be at forty. Proverbs 22:6 says to "train a child in way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Buy Now


Knowledge of The Kingdom

We have the wrong definition of what repent really means. Pastor explains in this dynamic message the real definition of repent. Just as the devil attacked Eve's reasoning, he also attacks our reasoning to try and get us off course. Buy Now

Keys of The Kingdom


God wants to show us how to live blessed and prosperous right now, on the earth. The knowledge of the secrets that God wants to reveal to us will change our lives forever. Join us as Pastor Wesley continues his series on The Kingdom. Buy Now


Advancing The Kingdom of God


At one time in our lives we have all worried about money. However, Jesus said not to focus on that, he said to cast all your care on Him. The Kingdom of God is about addition and multiplication, in this enlightening message Pastor teaches on the true meaning of "adding to". Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 1-17-12

KIR broadcast for January 17, 2012. Buy Now

Spiritual Government


Pastor Wesley Berry explains in this dynamic message, the different types of governments in relation to The Kingdom of God. In this message we learn that our greatest assignment in life is to advance The Kingdom of God. Buy Now


Kingdom Mindset


Kingdom minded is understanding that you have dual citizenship. We are citizens of the United States and of The Kingdom of God. We as believers must see The Kingdom as a real place, because it is; the Kingdom is in each and everyone of us. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 1-10-12


KIR broadcast for January 10, 2012. Buy Now

Power Over Identity Theft


You can't defeat the devil in the flesh. The Bible tells us we have to defeat him in the spirit. Can you have joy in the middle of your chaos? You can, if you are living in the Kingdom of God. Buy Now


Kingdom Authority


We often allow the enemy and our circumstances to overtake us. However, according to the Word we are supposed to have continual victory. Sister Susie encourages us to ask God to revive the truth of God's Word reguarding the Kingdom. Buy Now


Heaven on Earth


Pastor Wesley continues the powerful message on The Kingdom of God. Jesus preached the message of hope and that hope is The Kingdom of God. We can live like Heaven on Earth because of that hope that Jesus gave us. Buy Now


Stop Being Religious


In this awesome message Pastor explains the difference between serving religion and serving God. Serving God is not nearly as difficult as serving religion. Religion has caused more problems that it has ever solved. The message that Jesus preached was The Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. We are to build The Kingdom, not a religion. Buy Now




The devil gives us a skewed description of heaven and we tend to believe it. The true description of heaven is found throughout the Bible. Each individual has a vision of what heaven is to them. Is your vision going to be according to the devil or according to the Bible? Buy Now


It's Favor


God's presence always leads to where favor is found. So, disobedience always disqualifies favor while obedience enhances favor in our lives. The ministry of Jesus was to release the favor of God to everyone. God is not mad at us, and He does not take His wrath out up on us. He already took it out on Jesus, who took our place at Calvary. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 12-13-11

KIR broadcast for December 13, 2011. Buy Now


Looking Forward


We should not focus on what you don't have, instead we should focus on what God says in His Word. Look at His Word and not at your circumstances. In His message to us, He says to think on "good things". If we focus on the solution and not the problem, God will bless us and those blessings will overtake us. Buy Now


Dare To Give Thanks


You don't have what you have because of your abilities, but because God has blessed you. God wants to see if you are going to give Him thanks and glory in the small victories before He will move you to a bigger platform. If you keep praising God and giving Him thanks God will bless you in every area of your life. Buy Now


Signature Sins


The first sign of incompetency is when you do not know your incompetent Until you define your weaknesses, you will never work on fixing them. In this message Pastor Wesley explains the 9 basic personalities and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Buy Now




Matthew 28:19 starts by saying "GO", we need to do what the Word says. The church has become a safe place. We have to go out into their world to bring them to our world with Jesus. The worst thing we can do is judge them. They need the love of Jesus. We have to connect with outward people to build the Kingdom of God. Buy Now


A Place Called Safe


People are afraid to take the opportunities they are given. God defines you, He placed you here and now don't be afraid of what people say or think about you. Shamgar decided to do something, to take advantage of his opportunity and get his name written in the book. God will not ask you to do something you have not yet mastered. God will anoint what you have mastered. Too many people play it safe but we need to quit playing to not lose but instead play to win. Shamgar was only mentioned twice in the Bible but it's because he earned it by living outside the place called safe. Move out of the safe zone into the faith zone. Buy Now


Turning Your Misfortunes Into Opportunities of Blessings


Your problem is the key to your promotion. Many times in life we use our disabilities as an excuse to God. In this message Pastor shows us how to use our disabilities for God and how to turn your misfortune into an opportunity. Buy Now


Repositioning Our Perspective About Prayer


The rock Jesus spoke of to Peter in the 16th Chapter of Matthew when he said "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", he was speaking about the perspective of who Peter is. Jesus knows that understanding only comes through revelation from God. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 11-15-11

KIR broadcast for November 15, 2011. Buy Now


How Can I Neglect Such A God


God won't let us have any other Gods before Him. God Himself said that He is a jealous God. You have to preach God as a God that is alive and not dead. Buy Now


With Christ, It's No Sweat


Pastor Lael gives a beautiful illustration on what salvation truly is. It is not by our works that we are saved. Join Pastor Lael as he teaches another dynamic and inspiring message showing that "With Christ, It's No Sweat". Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 11-8-11

KIR broadcast for November 8, 2011. Buy Now


From a Church to a Ministry


Keeping with the theme, Pastor Berry continues to show us how to re-invent ourselves. God is moving us from a church to a ministry from fellowship to relationship. Buy Now


Addicted to Serving


The only time it's okay to be addicted is when we are addicted to serving. It is a choice to serve and serving is never convenient. A serving heart only comes by having a relationship with God. Buy Now


Outside the Box


The church is behind the times; it's time that we catch up. We need to consider everybody into the equation, not just church people. God is moving us from a church to a ministry and it is time for us to think "Outside the Box". Buy Now


ReInvent Yourself


We need to do the work of an evangelist, according to 2 Timothy 4:5. We have an assignment and we need to Invent something that is not being done in the church and evangelize the world in a radical new way. Buy Now


Defiant Faith


The one that screams loudest in an argument is generally the one most intimidated. This fact is why the devil "roars" in I Peter 5:8, he is intimidated by you. He is hoping his roar will cause you to give up on what you believe in and give up on God. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 10-18-11

KIR broadcast for October 18, 2011. Buy Now


Generational Blessings pt. 2


God doesn't just want to bless us but He wants to bless the next generation after us. He wants our children and our grandchildren saved and more blessed than us. In part 2 of this message Pastor explains why we are sometimes blessed even when our lives are a mess. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 10-11-11

KIR broadcast for October 11, 2011. Buy Now


Generational Blessings


God doesn't just want to bless us but He wants to bless the next generation after us. He wants our children and our grandchildren saved and more blessed than us. Buy Now


Righteousness, Peace and Joy


When we become born again we're born into another world, The Kingdom of God. Pastor Wesley explains how The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 10-4-11

KIR broadcast for October 4, 2011. Buy Now




Isn't it time for you gain the momentum that God desires for you to have in life? Momentum changes everything! In this dynamic message Pastor Wesley Berry preaches on gaining and keeping the God kind of Momentum in everyday life. Buy Now


As In The Days Of Noah


In this enlightening message Pastor Lael explains who the Sons of God are, and where giants came from as referred to in the book of Genesis. Learn how it all fits together with this teaching on the last days by Pastor Lael. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 9-27-11

KIR broadcast for September 27, 2011. Buy Now


Your Greatest Setback Is Going To Be Your Greatest Comeback


Pastor preaches a powerful message on God's timing. People convince themselves it's too late but it isn't over till God says it's over. Buy Now


Cultivating Communion With The Holy Ghost


According to the Word of God, when your conscience is seared you become insensitive to the Holy Ghost. Pastor Wesley explains 5 ways to Cultivate Communion with the Holy Ghost for yourself. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 9-20-11

KIR broadcast for September 20, 2011. Buy Now


Staying Sensitive To The Holy Ghost


In this powerful message Pastor Wesley Berry describes with biblical backing, the ingredients of the anointing of God. Buy Now


Spiritual Maturity


There are only two ways to receive revelation and knowledge; through making mistakes or the advice of mentors. How you receive, is your choice. In this powerful message Pastor Wesley explains the three levels of Spiritual Maturity. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 9-13-11

KIR broadcast for September 13, 2011. Buy Now


Our Point Of Reference


Americans don't know right from wrong anymore. We just don't know where we are going as a country or as individuals. We must get back to our roots so we can get clear direction where we are going by knowing where we have been. We must find our point of reference, a sure foundation, something that will not change just as God does not change. Buy Now


Holy Ghost Regeneration


We've been taught only the half truth when it comes to Salvation. We believe it only gives us a ticket to Heaven but in reality it gives us much more. Pastor Wesley preaches on Holy Ghost Regeneration and how the eternal benefits are active right now. The scripture shows us that "Here and Now" we are God's children. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 9-6-11

KIR broadcast for September 6, 2011. Buy Now


Holy Ghost Assignment


The Holy Ghost job is to get us to our assignment. The most miserable unfilled person is the person who is out of position. If we please God first he will give us the desires of our hearts. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 8-30-11

KIR broadcast for August 30, 2011. Buy Now


Keep The Oil In Your Lamp


Be careful how you hear The Word. Do not just hear it and forget it. Pastor Susie shows us how to get The Word from our short term memory to our long term memory. Buy Now


Going Beyond The First Installment


We need to go beyond the first installment of the Holy Ghost, which is speaking in tongues. That is just the down payment or earnest money. If you want to further than just the down payment, it will cost you something. Remember The Fruit of the Spirit is not seasonal. Buy Now