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Goals of Media Ministry

To develop the electronic, print and broadcast ministries and establish a standard of excellence in these areas.
To use all aspects of the media ministry to reach up to God, into the church, and out to the world.
To equip other ministries of the church to expand the electronic ministry as a worship and outreach tool
To assist the church body, visually and audibly in turning spiritual seekers into fully developed ministers of Christ

It has been our goal to assist in the development and coordination of video, audio and internet into everyday ministry. If you feel like God is calling you into media ministry, we are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Oversee the creation of service presentations
  • Preparation of slides in cooperation with the Pastor and Music Director.
  • Assist staff members and volunteer leaders with their media needs.
  • Selection, recommendation and purchasing of media related equipment.
  • Oversee web page and IT areas
  • Setup and arranging of stage and other areas to make sure media items are in place for services.
  • Troubleshooting of video/audio equipment.
  • Oversee Video Projects.
  • Video production, editing, shooting & layout.
  • Coordination and direction of sketches and misc. pieces for video taping
  • Graphic Design/photography
  • Print design
  • Develop the church’s knowledge & understanding of copyright laws

Media ministry, as with all ministries, is not all about our abilities or about us, but it is all about serving Jesus Christ and serving others. By showing up to operate sound, video, or other equipment or by making publications you are not doing the pastor, technical director, or worship leader any favors. If you come in with that kind of mindset, then it becomes about you. It becomes an issue of selfish ambition and pride. Trust me it is easy to get caught up in being selfish and prideful. If we however, come in the mindset of serving God and serving others, I believe there is nothing wrong with being pleased with our accomplishments. If we are doing a great job mixing a service or producing a video that ministered to the people, then we can be proud of that because we did it as a representative of Jesus Christ.