Pastor Lael

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Filled With The Spirit

In the wilderness the people complained that they had no food and God sent
them bread from heaven to eat (Manna). When the people complained of
thirst God gave them water from the rock.....twice. As the Lord has
said they that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled.
The bread that the spirit of man hunger for is Jesus the one from heaven
which lowered himself to us on earth. The water that the spirit of man
longed for was the spirit of the new creation (the new birth). But let us
consider that when Jesus went to the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee, He
turned the water at that feast into wine so that the vessels (the vessels
symbolize the body that once held the spirit of man) would be filled with
a potent substance. The Spirit of God..... which is the power of God......
of which these vessels were designed to hold. The intoxicating power of
the Holy Spirit. As Paul has said... Be not drunk with wine which is
excess, but be ye filled with the the Spirit. The Father intended these
vessels we call our bodies to be so filled the wine of the Spirit the
those who meet us will realize that God has saved the best for last.
Praise be to the Father forevermore!