Pastor Geebon

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow! Where do I start!

Wow! Where do I start! Just to intro duce myself, I am Geebon Gouge, Pastor of Praise & Worship here at Crosstown Church. I have been in the music ministry along side of Pastors Wesley & Susie Berry for approximately 18 years. I have a beautiful wife Jenna Gouge of 12 years and three children Hanna, Madeline and Lance Gouge. God has richly blessed me with great support my natural and spiritual family.

Since I’ve covered that, I would like to move on with a thought Praise and worship! A book I’ve been reading recently authored by Israel Houghton “A Deeper Level” has been a great refresher for my praise and worship team and myself. One of the thoughts brought out in the book was the fact that sometimes we as worship leaders make worship leading a job and not an opportunity! I’ve even caught myself at times saying “I got to lead worship at this meeting”, when I should say “I get to lead worship at this meeting”. Our get to should never come to the place of got to