Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stand Up For Israel - Sherry Starkey


God Commands It

Blessed If We Do-Cursed If We Don’t

I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.”Genesis l2:3

 How did America get to this point?  In thinking about how to remedy the tremendous problems, we think, “Where do we start?”.  Of all the problems facing America right now, from the economy, to the moral decay, the most possibly devastating situation would be our deteriorating relationship with our long-time ally and friend, Israel.  Everything about our country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  The Holy Bible is just that-holy to the founders of both nations, Israel and the United States.  Our laws are based primarily on the Bible.  We judge morality according to what God says in His Word.  We have been blessed in the past because we have stood by Israel and blessed her as she has blessed us.  Because of the lack of education on the importance of this relationship, we have become more anti- Semitic in America than ever before.  In His Word, God is very plain on how he feels about this.  He says, “I will bless them that bless you (Israel) and curse them that curse you.” (Genesis l2:3) Look around you.  Is this what is happening to our nation right now.  Is this the decline of America because we have forsaken God’s people?

God, throughout  history,  has judged a nation’s righteousness according to how the leaders of that nation interacted with the Jews. If he judged a nation whose leader was a king, how much more will he judge a nation that elects their leader? Just think about the news reports in the last few years, “record snowfall, record number of tornadoes, record intensity of tornadoes, record hurricane strength and damage, record earthquakes with record intensity on  the Richter Scale, record heat, record cold, and most recently record floods.  At one time this year, we had floods threatening to overrun  two of our nuclear plants and an out of control fire threatening  the Los Alamos nuclear plant. The summer of 20ll has produced one million miles of triple digit temperatures at one time in the United States. Many facts give credence to the possibility of God’s intervention.  Such as: On August 23, 2005, Israeli police and Israel’s army were forced to remove 8,000 of their citizens from their homes in the Gaza Strip.  That same day August 23, 2005, Hurricane Katrina formed in the Bahamas.  The removal of Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip was in accordance with the Oslo Agreement signed in Washington, D.C. in l993 and touted to be a tremendous political achievement for then President Bill Clinton and the United States.  For the sake of “peace” with the Palestinians and with much “encouragement” from the United States, Israel gave up the land of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians.  There has been no peace.  While negotiations were being made for this Agreement, that summer, an unprecedented natural disaster was occurring in the United States.  According to Lee Larson, Chief, Hydrologic Research Laboratory, speaking to the IAHS conference on June 24-26, l996, this was  The Great USA Flood of 1993. “ The 1993 Midwest flood was one of the most significant and damaging natural disasters ever to hit the United States.”  This flood covered 400,000 square miles and in some locations lasted nearly 200 days.  At one time, 75 towns were under water. 

Another date to consider:   In 1988 the United States introduced, “The Shultz Plan”  which showed our willingness for engagement with the PLO, Israel’s deadly enemy.  This was the first time America gave any kind of  legitimacy to this terrorist organization.  The United States suffered another devastating and unprecedented natural disaster that year.  The drought of l988.  This drought has been described as worse than the “dust bowl” years in that there was record low rainfall throughout 45% of the United States and according to Wikipedia. and the heat waves killed 4,800 to 17,000 people.

Right now the United States leaders in Washington are again on the wrong side. We have warned Israel that they must “apologize” to Turkey for boarding a ship trying to break through Israel’s blockade.  The ship was armed with weapons intended for the Gaza Strip.  They boarded the ship and some Turks were killed.  Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton has suggested that without this apology, and an agreement to stop building Jewish settlements in Jerusalem, the United States would possibly side with the Arab Nation’s vote for a  sovereign Palestinian state when the United Nations convenes in September this year.  I fear for our country if we do side with the Arab States on this. This puts Israel in a very precarious position, because it is impossible for them to apologize just for keeping their country safe. The missiles and rockets confiscated from that ship heading to the Gaza Strip would have ended up being shot into Israel.

The same Gaza Strip which Israel gave up for “peace” on August 23, 2005. 

Could this form of manipulation (God calls manipulation, witchcraft) be the reason for the largest, area wide hurricane ever recorded for the east coast?  According to the NCDC’s Billion Dollar US Weather Disasters report, Hurricane Irene in August, 20ll is the l0th billion dollar disaster already this year in the United States, officially breaking the annual record dating back to l980; and it’s just August.  Or how about a 5.9 magnitude earthquake where meteorologists say there is no fault line. Once again there is no record of such an earthquake in the Washington, D.C. area, ever. I have to wonder if God is warning us to back off our intimidation of Israel. There are many more dates of natural disasters that coincide with our pressuring Israel to give up her land for peace.  These dates correlate too precisely to call coincidence.   I know we don’t have the mind of God, but we do know what He says in His Word.  He will “bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.”  We also know what His judgments have been in the past, and I believe it is worth prayerfully researching the correlation between the disasters we are facing and our relationship with Israel.  There are so many scriptures that explain God’s relationship with Israel and His relationship with other nations dealings with Israel.  It is impossible to quote all the scriptures, but I have picked out just a few. I encourage the reader to read for him/herself and ask God to show us what we need to know.   

 Is our relationship with Israel that important to God ? There are so many scriptures that explain God’s relationship with Israel and His relationships with nations in how they deal with Israel.  Why does it seem as though the whole world hates Israel.?  The big question is  “Is Israel important to God.?” If so, how do we know?  The answer is in the Word of God.  The Bible.  In Genesis, the very first book of the Bible, God gives the land of Canaan to Abraham (meaning, “father of many nations“) as a covenant between God and Abraham and his descendants forever. God blessed Abraham’s son, Ishmael, born of his servant, Hagar, and said he would become a great nation. It  was Isaac, however, born of Abraham’s wife, Sarah, that God made his “everlasting covenant”.  The “everlasting covenant” was made to Isaac and his descendants, not to Ishmael and his descendants.  Isaac’s descendants are the Hebrews or Jews and Ishmael’s descendants are the Arab nations.  (Genesis l7)  “Everlasting” means everlasting. Another scripture describes God’s covenant with Israel as “perpetual”. (II Chronicles 6:l7) God has not changed His mind, according to other scriptures throughout His Word.  

 Deuteronomy 7:6-9  God tells His people, they are a holy people to Him, chosen to be a special people unto Him, above all the people on the earth.    He did not love them or choose them  because they were more in number. In fact “they were the fewest  in number of all people.”  But, because He loved them and because he would keep the oath He promised to Abraham, He brought them out of their slavery in Egypt.  He goes on to say He is their Lord and God and He is faithful  and keeps covenant with those who love Him and keep His commandments for a thousand generations.   When they transgressed and went their evil ways,  God executed judgment upon them and scattered them throughout all the nations. Even though He was angry with them He was still mindful of the covenant He had made with their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and was merciful toward them.  (Genesis 32:43).   In fact, in II Chronicles 6:12-42, after King Solomon has built the temple at Jerusalem, (where the Dome of the Rock sits today), he prays that God will be merciful to the people of  Israel when they sin, if they truly repent.  In II Chronicles 7,  God shows He has heard by bringing fire down from Heaven to burn up the sacrifices and later says He has heard the King’s  prayer  and will do as asked In verse l4 He states, “If my people which  are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

 The “Replacement Theory” is the theory that because of the Jewish people’s  unbelief and sins, God has changed His mind and His word, and has replaced them and has given His love and His promises to the Gentiles.   This is just not biblical!  Throughout His Word, God specifies Israel as His people, His nation, and Jerusalem as His city forever.  He calls them “the apple of His eye”. In II Chronicles 7:16  God tells King Solomon, “For now I have chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there  forever and mine eyes and mine heart be there perpetually.”  In Joel 3: 16-2l there is this prophetic utterance of the “day of the Lord”  when the Lord sets up His kingdom on this earth in the latter days,  “The Lord also  shall roar out of  Zion and utter His voice from  Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the Lord will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel., So shall you know I am the Lord your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain, then shall Jerusalem be holy, and no strangers pass through her any more.”  Vs.20  But Judah shall dwell forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation. For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed : for the Lord dwelleth in Zion.”  God will never forsake Israel, but I am thankful that He is not replacing the Jewish nation, but has rather adopted us,  the Gentiles, including Muslims,  to join and become co-heirs with Israel in His Covenant with all the promises He has given them.  (Acts 10:34) This could not have been accomplished except by the shed blood of His only-begotten son Jesus Christ.  Jesus was the perfect sacrificial lamb,  who once and for all, died, took all our sins and all our diseases and imperfections upon himself then conquered both sin and the grave when He was resurrected and now sits at the right hand of God making intercession for us.

The Lord has promised in His Word, that He will disperse the Jews into every nation of the world because they have forsaken Him, and though they have forsaken Him,  He promises  that He will NEVER forsake them.  In fact He will bring them back to His Holy City Jerusalem in the latter days from all over the world.  He has already begun. ( Ezekiel 39:23-29, Revelation 2l and 22, Joel 3:16-21.)

 At the end of World War II, thousands of Jews from all over Europe no longer had a home.  I believe God put the desire in their hearts to return to their homeland;  then called “Palestine”.  Jews from Germany where six million Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis,  yearned for Jerusalem and risked their lives getting on crowded, unsanitary, ships to come to Palestine.  They were joined by Jews from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, all over Europe. At least six ships, time after time, after a long, dangerous trip across the sea, were turned away by the British who had colonized Palestine.  They were denied landing and were shipped back to Europe.  In l947 a ship named “Exodus 1947” manned by an American crew, headed toward Palestine with about 4,000 refugees on board a ship meant for only 400 or so.  They were followed ominously across the open sea by six British warships and after trying to out maneuver the warships, moored in the harbor, but were boarded  by the British and a 4 hour battle began with the refugees using cans of coffee, or anything in their hands to fight back.  The American captain of the ship was beaten  when he refused to give up the wheel. Because of this beating he died of a skull fracture.  The British gained control of the ship  and they ordered the ship to return with the refugees to Germany.  Many were injured and along with the sick and elderly had to be carried.  Fortunately, there were reporters  taking pictures and reporting on the abuses of the British and soon the sentiments and the outcries of the whole world were castigating England for their actions. This swell of public support brought about the following event which I believe was the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s prophecy of Ezekiel 39.  When the United Nations convened in l948, a partition was made in Palestine.  The Jews were given land to claim as theirs and the Arabs were given a portion as well.  The Jews called their new home Israel.  The Arabs called their land Palestine.  God had kept His promise to never forget they were His people.  To this day, Israel accepts into their tiny country thousands of Jewish  immigrants from all over the world.  In l973 during the Yom Kippur war with  Egypt and Syria, Israel gained land and the city of Jerusalem.  Now, God’s holy city is in the hands of His chosen people.  Though the Arab nations have never recognized the Jews as a people and Israel as their nation or Jerusalem as their city,  and constantly threaten to “drive Israel into the sea”,  God will never allow His people to lose the holy land he promised them four thousand years ago.  In fact, His Son, Jesus Christ, will return to set up His Kingdom “in that holy city, new Jerusalem” vs. 2  (Revelation 2l)He will set His feet on the Mount of Olives.  (Revelation l4:l) ( Kings 8:29) (Nehemiah l:9)

 Those nations and peoples who hate the Jews and are determined in their ignorance to thwart the plan of God will not be blessed..  They will be cursed.  In Ezekiel 36, 37, 38 and 39, God describes his plan for Israel.  In the last days Gog, Magog and Tubal, (cities of Russia) and China, along with Persia (Iran/Iraq) Ethiopia and Libya attack Israel. According to these scriptures, God has brought back all the Jewish descendants which were scattered around the world. God kept His promise to give back their home.  He caused the land and the people to flourish and become the  “stumbling block” of the entire world.  God sends His judgment on those armies attacking Israel.  The text sounds as though he brings on earthquakes and volcanoes to rain down  “fire and brimstone”, but it could also describe a nuclear holocaust. Only l/6 of  the army survives.  The bodies of those killed  will take seven months to bury and the weapons used will take seven months to burn. In Ezekiel 39:23-29 God explains His plan.  By judging Israel and dispersing them to every nation, the heathen that sees this, can also see that He brought them out of their captivity and given them back their land.  The people flourish and the land flourishes.  Right now, today,  Israel furnishes the fruits and vegetables for most of Europe.  It had been an inhabitable desert before the Jews returned to claim their home.  He let the heathen  and the Jewish people know that He the God of Israel, had defended Israel, never more to allow them to be scattered.  He “ was sanctified  in them in the sight of many nations. Ezekiel 39:27

Vs:  29  says, “Neither will I hide my face any more from them; for I have poured out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, thus says the Lord God”

The Lord Jesus Christ says it this way,  “Saul, Saul why do you persecute Me”.  Acts 9:4  Saul replies, “Who are you, Lord?”  Jesus answers, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.”  Jesus was a Jew, the son of God. Saul, a Jew and a Roman citizen, was persecuting the Jewish believers of Jesus Christ.  You persecute them, you are persecuting Him. I believe that any leader of any nation that tries to diminish Israel’s autonomy and authority to act on their behalf to defend themselves, do so at their peril, according to the Word of God. 

  We have for many years enjoyed God’s blessings and protection in our country.  This is due to the fact that our previous leaders have recognized Israel as our friend and ally, even if they didn’t fully understand the plan God had for them.  There is a very good  example of this in our generation. In the book Against all Odds, the author explains, how at a critical point in the l973 war when the combined forces of Egypt and Syria attacked Israel, Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel called our then President,  Richard Nixon in the wee hours of the morning. She had been contemplating suicide. The odds of Israel surviving as a nation were impossible.  The Israeli cabinet had already drawn up plans for a government in exile.  Answering his phone from his bed, she told him that Israel was going down and would be annihilated unless he did something to help them.  150 Israeli tanks faced 1,400 Syrian tanks on the Golan Heights and in the Suez region, just 500 Israeli soldiers faced 80,000 soldiers and Israel was losing the war.  They would not last another day without America’s help, she said. Because he remembered a dream he had from God telling him to help Israel, he gave orders for weapons and the use of our intelligence gathering  American spy-plane, ‘SR-71 Blackbird. He quietly ordered the Pentagon to give Israel any and all the assistance they needed to win and ordered the largest airlift of arms since World War II. The Israelis won the war and managed to keep control of the Sinai Desert.  They now had a “buffer zone to ensure any fighting there did not spill over into Israel itself”. On October 24, l973 a cease-fire was organized by the United Nations   Because President Nixon did not hesitate ordering from his bedside whatever Israel needed to exist as a nation,  our country was used to further the plan of God for Israel.  I believe because of his obedience as the leader of this great nation, we have missed some of the catastrophes  and were allowed by God to continue to be blessed a while longer.  Richard Nixon had a reputation of being anti-Semitic.  Maybe he was, I don’t know.  I do know he must have known he heard God speaking to him and he obeyed.  We must pray that the leaders of our country hear from God and obey His voice if we are to be blessed by God and we must pray for the peace of Israel. We must not coerce Israel to enter into so-called “peace agreements” that will demand Israel give away land which was given them by God.  We must also pray for Israel to know that this is not their land to give away.  This is land given to them for a home.  God never intended His land to be given away for any reason.

He and He alone decides what is to be done with it. (Nehemiah 1:9) and, (  (Isaiah 65:19) 

I have often meditated on why God chose Israel and the Jewish nation as His people and set up His special covenant with them “for better or for worse”.  I believe in His word He tells us why.  They are not a strong and mighty nation.  They are a “peculiar” people.  Therefore, when they are judged by God and then rescued by God, they and the whole world will know He Is God.  (Deuteronomy 7:6-9)

 I want our country to continue to be “blessed” and not “cursed” by God.  We have to remain a strong friend and ally to Israel if we are to exist as a nation. We must urge our leaders not to pressure and manipulate Israel into giving up “land for peace”.   God will not bless those who do so.  Pray for our leaders and pray for the peace of  Israel.