Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reason to Pray in the Spirit #4 - Richard Carender

When we pray in the spirit the enemy has no idea what we are saying.  He is a spirit but nothing about him is holy.  He attacks your mind but only from the outside and if you are not vigilant in your confession those attacks will explode all around you.  The Holy Ghost knows your mind and conducts “privileged communications” with our Father in Heaven THROUGH the most secure link ever established—THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.  Therefore, don’t be the source of a “leak” that gives the enemy ammunition to use against you.  Be careful you don’t tell him just where to place the land mines.  If you are not careful don’t be surprised when you step on one.

 Our confession is the enemy’s number one reconnaissance objective.  He listens carefully to every word we say.  When we use our prayer language all he hears is “white noise” so if you don’t want him to know what you are thinking or feeling don’t let it don’t let it escape your lips.  If you can understand what you are saying so can he!

 Realize that all of these reasons are integral parts of the perfecting process.  They are “knit together” beautifully.  As I mentioned, the enemy listens to our words.  He also watches what we do and how we respond to others.  He knows just how much Word is in you because he keeps meticulous records of what he sees and hears.  Paul told Timothy to STUDY to SHOW yourself approve unto God.  Study what?  The Word.  Show who?  God, yes, but who do you think is watching and listening as well? 

 “Have you considered my servant Job,” was God’s question to Satan.  He knows about the enemy’s tactics.  He knows that the enemy would like to take you out with one mighty blow.  If that doesn’t work he will be content to use his time-tested strategy of wearing you down by attacking you at your weakest point over and over again.  The confession of our mouth is very often our weakest point because it lets the enemy know in detail about every weakness we have.

 God  knew He could trust Job.  Can He say the same about you?  The answer to that question an emphatic yes!  When you begin to truly realize that He that is IN you (the Holy Spirit) is greater that he that is in the world (satan) you can walk over, around and through anything the enemy puts in front of you AND you will become stronger, wiser and more prosperous with each step in your advance.  That is the goal!  Press toward the prize of the high calling of God in Christ. 

 I began this blog by saying that when you pray in the spirit the enemy does not know what you are saying.  That is absolutely true!  It is equally true that WHEN YOU SPEAK THE WORD the devil knows exactly what you are saying and he beats a hasty retreat—he has to flee!