Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bold Love

Christians around the world are being persecuted for expressing their love for Jesus Christ who expressed His love for even those persecuting them. Even in free nations where we rarely risk physical attack for expressing our faith, we are attacked daily online, through media, and by those who hate us with words, threats, and political challenges and legal assault... And some wonder why one would have to be bold to state they love Jesus? Because more so than ever before it takes being bold to
state that simple truth.

It takes bold... But praise God it doesn't get any bolder than God becoming a man and dying for the sins of even those who'd hate Him and hate us. Forgiveness can only come through Christ, but only bold men and women will choose to escape the path that leads to eternal damnation their own sin and it's consequence has them on. God help them and help us to share Jesus with them.

Just a reminder: We're not always serious, we like to rock, like to have fun, and will even sometimes do our best to make you laugh, but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is... Real talk... God bless, rock on, and know God's got a plan and you're in it!!! (Jeremiah 29:11)