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Your About To Be Promoted


Faith always has to be proven. There is a reason why your going through what your going through, God wants to promote you. Your testing qualifies your promotion. God didn't create us to survive to be more than over comers and to take dominion. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 8-16-11

KIR broadcast for August 16, 2011. Buy Now


The Ministry Of The Holy Ghost


In this powerful message Pastor Wesley explains the ministry of the Holy Ghost and how it relates to each of us. Pastor teaches us how to hear and understand the Holy Ghost. Buy Now


Rivers of Living Water


Rivers are important to God, he mentions rivers at the beginning and the end of the Bible. Pastor Wesley Berry teaches the meaning of some of the rivers in the Word of God. Pastor also explains how rivers of living water relate to man spiritually. This is how we receive increase. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 8-9-11

KIR broadcast for August 9, 2011. Buy Now


Don't Question God


Pastor Susie brings out some powerful insights from the book of Job. Listen as Pastor Susie encourages you to not think that God doesn't know what to do to fix your situation or problem. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 8-2-11

KIR broadcast for August 2, 2011. Buy Now


Understanding The Mysteries of God


To understand the mysteries of God you have to pray in the Spirit until you get Gods' Spirit. The Spirit of God knows the mind of God. Buy Now


Busy (What's On Your List)


We are all so busy. Is what your doing absolutely necessary? When your weighted down and busy, something takes a back seat. In this message Pastor Wesley teaches us the importance of getting our priorities straight and the value of learning to say "no" sometimes. Buy Now


Get In The Book


Jesus is the manifested Word of God according to John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The Word is the source which sustains you. Hold your position on the Word of God and never back down. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 7-19-11

KIR broadcast for July 12, 2011. Buy Now


In His Image


Pastor Bill Delso dives into the scriptures and reveals to us the true definition of living in God's image. Media wants to give us a worldly image of God but Pastor Bill explains immorality is still a sin and God won't change that. We must live in God's image and not question all that He has done and will do for you. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 7-12-11

KIR broadcast for July 12, 2011. Buy Now


The Spirit Upon You


Pastor Lael explains that the anointing is simply the Spirit upon you. Hear how the nine gifts of the Spirit were used in the Old Testament, as parallel to how they were used by Jesus and throughout the New Testament. Buy Now


Just Worship God


If you allow the conditions of your life to dictate your level of worship you will never move from horizontal to vertical. Only then can you move up above and see what lies in victory. In this powerful message Pastor Wesley explains how, through worship, God will defeat your enemies. The battle is not even ours to fight. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 7-5-11

KIR broadcast for July 5, 2011. Buy Now


Being An Overcomer


The enemy gives you nothing, you have to take it by force. Condemnation drives people away from God while conviction draws people to God. There are people who come to the house broken, we don't need to add to their brokenness, we need to help heal it. Buy Now


The Holy Ghost Power We Have Need Of


We have to quit trying to put God in a box. Your chaos needs the Holy Ghost. The worst thing that you can do is to fight the Holy Ghost. God wants to brew over your failures because God allows failures in your life to show you that you can't do it without Him. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 6-28-11

KIR broadcast for June 28, 2011. Buy Now


Four Oppprtunities


Opportunity has nothing to do with ability, skill or education . Chance and opportunities come to every man. Pastor Wesley explains about the opportunities that four different Herod's in the Bible had. Pastor also teaches on the three different levels of the Saints. Buy Now


A Greater Perspective


God wants to show us things from a different perspective. We want to get deep, high, and wide in the things of God. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 6-21-11


KIR broadcast for June 21, 2011. Buy Now


He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not


What God wants to give you is the same thing your earthly father wants for you, but a thousand times over. We say God loves us, but we don't act like He does. We do like we did with the flower as a child. We say, He loves me when things are good, and He loves me not when things are bad. Buy Now


What's Your Passion


What's in your heart that God has called you to do? Think, if money was no issue what would God have you doing right now! In this message Pastor Berry teaches us two things that allow you be more than overcomers. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 6-14-11


KIR broadcast for June 14, 2011. Buy Now




The enemy will use distractions in our lives to pull us away from God. Listen as Pastor explains the difference between loyalty and faithfulness. God doesn't want you to sacrifice your family or dreams, He just wants to make sure you're willing. Buy Now


Brother Joe McGee - Camp Meeting 2011


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2011 June 8, 2011. Buy Now


Reverend John Parish - Camp Meeting 2011


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2011 June 7, 2011. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 6-7-11


KIR broadcast for June 7, 2011. Buy Now


Bishop Tony Miller - Camp Meeting 2011


Crosstown Camp Meeting 2011 June 6, 2011. Buy Now

June 5, 2011 Buy Now


Pastor Wesley Berry - Camp Meeting 2011


How long has it taken you on your journey? If it has taken awhile there's a problem.  Pastor explains in this powerful message, the different things that will hinder your progress. We're ready to take possession of what God has promised. Buy Now


The Gift of Faith


The gift of faith is different from the measure of faith that God gave us. The gift of faith is supernatural. This gift is unlimited because God is the source of its energy. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 5-31-11


KIR broadcast for May 31, 2011. Buy Now


Edify The Body of Christ


Because of I Corinthians 12: 28-31, we have a tendency to assign a ranking system to the gifts. However, God says all gifts are necessary. The gifts are always used to edify the body of Christ. We need to remember that the gifts of the spirit are not about us, but instead they are about God. Buy Now


Your Gift Is Necessary


There's no age limit on the gifts. The devil will try to convince you that your the most feeble part of the body. However, your gift is absolutely necessary for the body. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 5-24-11


KIR broadcast for May 24, 2011. Buy Now




It's time to throw the structure of "normal" church services out the window. We need to allow God to show up and do what He wants to do. Be persuaded to be a witness for Jesus Christ. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 5-17-11


KIR broadcast for May17, 2011. Buy Now


Never Make The Gospel Boring


The Gospel should never be boring. We will not participate in anything that is boring, we will not watch a movie that is boring, so we should not make the Gospel of Jesus Christ boring either. This message shows how the Holy Spirit moves when we make a decision not to get stuck in a routine of boring. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 5-10-11


KIR broadcast for May10, 2011. Buy Now


Nothing Is Gone Unnoticed


Nothing mothers do goes unnoticed. It may have gone unspoken, but never unnoticed. We need to appreciate the little things our mothers do for us. When you honor your mother, it will go well with thee. Buy Now


Keepin' It Real 5-3-11


KIR broadcast for May 3, 2011. Buy Now


Don't Neglect Your Gift


When we stir up our gift within us, it will save yourself and those that hear you. Realize that the greatest sin is making the Gospel boring. Buy Now


Stir Up the Gift In You


Pastor Wesley teaches the importance of Stirring Up the Gift In You.  We are creatures of habit, so we need to refresh by using our gifts to edify the church.

The last time the disciples saw Jesus he told them to wait in Jerusalem until they received the promise and were endued with power. Pentecost is not a denomination. It is an experience that gives you a right as a believer to do what God has called you to do and to be empowered in such a way that we don’t have to run from the devil but he runs from us. Once we get the power we then need to stir up the gifts so we can use the power of the Holy Spirit. Buy Now


He Calls That Passion


Romans 5:8 (King James Version) "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." God called this passion. Just because we don't receive God's Love, doesn't change how much God loves us. Buy Now


Fear Not


Were born for a time such as this. God hand picked us for this time. We need to quit covering up who we are as Christians. Instead we need to be a part of the crowd that's recognized as being with Jesus. Buy Now


We Are Not The Children Of Wrath


Pastor Bill explains that just as Paul and Phillip were caught up, so shall we be also. It's not time to be fearful, but a time to be excited. When a Saint passes on to Glory, there aren't goodbyes, only I will see you later. Buy Now


How To Hear The Voice of God


It's not a special gift to be able to talk to your father, you just have the right. God is all about dialogue not monologue. Pastor Wesley explains in this dynamic message, How To Hear The Voice of God. Buy Now




We were created by God to dominate. We are to understand who we are in Christ Jesus. We always say if it's God's will, but He has already given us permission; go forward, prosper, dominate! Buy Now


Debt Doesn't Just Dissappear


Pastor asks the question: "What will shake America?". Not living the lifestyle that we're used to living. We can't continue to borrow money without having the means to pay it back. It's not time to be fearful but it's time to be excited about serving God. Buy Now


Don't Be Hindered


The enemy will always try to hinder your harvest. He'll try to get you to loose your focus. Don't focus on the imperfect things in our lives, but focus on The Word in us. Buy Now


Prove Me Now


Malachi 3:10 says: Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “ If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it. Pastor Wesley Berry preaches that God wants us to put Him to the test so he can prove Himself to us now. God is obsessed with people that will believe Him. Buy Now


Many Adversaries


God didn't create you for acceptance. Accept your assignment even though there are adversaries. Learn the three mistakes the enemy always makes about you. Buy Now


Angels on Assignment Pt. 4


Hebrews 1:14 (KJV) says “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” This passage is making reference to angels, angels that minister to us. Pastor reveals that the only way these ministering angels can move on our behalf, is for us to give them permission and to speak God’s Word. Buy Now


Angels on Assignment Pt. 3

Hebrews 1:14 (KJV) says “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” This passage is making reference to angels, angels that minister to us. Pastor reveals that the only way these ministering angels can move on our behalf, is for us to give them permission and to speak God’s Word. Buy Now


Angels on Assignment Pt. 2


Hebrews 1:14 (KJV) says “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” This passage is making reference to angels, angels that minister to us. Pastor reveals that the only way these ministering angels can move on our behalf, is for us to give them permission and to speak God’s Word. Buy Now


Angels on Assignment Pt. 1


Hebrews 1:14 (KJV) says “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” This passage is making reference to angels, angels that minister to us. Pastor reveals that the only way these ministering angels can move on our behalf, is for us to give them permission and to speak God’s Word. Buy Now


Living Your Dream


Grace is not about what we do, but what we believe. We need to come into agreement with the Word, instead of the symptoms. Evaluate yourself. What is it your dreaming? Do something, don't just stand at the plate and not swing the bat. Buy Now


Don't Get Caught Up In Brooding


Your destiny is established but your future is based on your decisions. Many times we get caught up thinking or brooding about a decision instead of listening to God and then acting on the decision. Pastor Wesley explains to us how to hear from God and then be obedient in what He has commanded. Buy Now


Staying Connected


We can not change prophecy. Gods' Word is going to come to pass regardless. In this powerful message Pastor Wesley preaches on end time events and one world money and government. 

In these last days we need to make sure we are running to God and not from God. Buy Now


Seek First The Kingdom


Listen as Pastor Wesley teaches on the 9 basic needs of man. We need to remember to "Seek First The Kingdom", because the Word says we can not serve two masters. Buy Now


Complete and Wanting Nothing


We rebuke tribulations, but everything we face is designed to develop the hidden potential in us. We focus on the immediate instead of the ultimate. Pastor Wesley explains in the passage from James 1:2-4; that it's when your endurance is fully developed, that you'll be complete and wanting nothing. Buy Now


Mercy Supersedes Judgment


Humble repentance activates divine mercy. When divine mercy is activated, it supersedes divine judgment. When we disobey God, it affects other people's lives, even if it doesn't affect our immediately. Buy Now


Write It Down


When you receive revelation you should absolutely, Write It Down. We know that Satan comes to steal the Word immediately when it is revealed to us. It is our responsibility to write it down, on our hearts and physically, so we can know it and use the authority it gives us. Buy Now


Take Care of Jerusalem


God wants to bless and increase you, but we need to learn to take care of what we have right now. Before we can take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world, we must start in Jerusalem, or where we live. Buy Now


Recover All


God isn't against you, He's for you. Sometimes no one has the answer to your problems but God. Gos is well able to do what He says He will do, and you can recover all that you have lost to the enemy. Buy Now


Blessings In Unity

The devil knows if he can keep us offended, it will stop the blessings. Problems between Christians should never continue unresolved. Unresolved issues in the church breaks the anointing. Buy Now

I Still Remember


Do you remember what God did for you? Pastor preaches on the importance of remembering what God has done for us and always remembering to show our appreciation toward Him.




Pastor Lael shows us the importance of guarding our tongue. He shows us in the Word that "Blessed" includes life and multiplication. When Jesus died and was resurrected, he was set at the right hand of the father. Now, Jesus makes us sons of God, giving us all the authority to bless our own circumstances.




Pastor Wesley teaches a series on the twelve tendencies of man. It's not just your abilities that make you successful, but it's your character. Until you go through some things, character will not be developed in you.


When Little Men Cast A Big Shadow


Pastor Wesley explains the twelve tendencies of man. It's not just your abilities that make you successful, but it's your character. Until you go through some things, character will not be developed in you.


No More Regrets


Unless we submit to God, we're going to keep making the same mistakes. We must learn to submit our character to God. Just as we expect good character traits from others, God expects good character traits from us.


The Wait


The most dangerous part of your victory is waiting on it. The waiting is where you either win or lose the battle.


My Life Is Not Going To End This Way


When you fail, don't run from God but instead run to God. God will restore your past and He will let you go back and do it again.


It's A Matter of the Heart


Bro. Bill Delso stresses the importance of guarding you heart with everything you have. We have to wash our minds daily with the Word of God to keep our hearts clean. It's the little foxes that spoil the vine.


Designed for A Purpose


You are either relevant or irrelevant, valuable or invaluable, significant or insignificant. These words give you the definition of who you are. Just as Jacob wrestled with the angel, until he was changed and given definition of who he was in life, we must accept the fact that we are designed with a purpose for God. Buy Now


The Persuasion Of Truth Itself


Jesus' first encounter with Satan shows us how we should respond when the attack comes against us. Jesus didn't pray him away, nor praise him away, but he used the Word. It is time that we come to the offensive and quite being defensive. Pastor Wesley Berry shows us how to do just that in this powerful message.


Knowledge Of The Truth Will Set You Free


It took God only one day to deliver the Israelites, but it took forty years for them to get enough knowledge of God to make it to the promised land. Pastor Wesley teaches the importance of getting the knowledge of the truth of God's Word and how important it is to renew your mind daily.


The Power Of A Decision

Join Pastor Wesley as he speaks on the power of making a godly decision We must not procrastinate, we must make good decisions today. We must know God's will for our lives to make a decision that's not based on emotion. We must choose life and not death, blessing and not cursing.

The Gospel Versus Religion

In this inspiring message, Pastor explains the difference between religion and the Gospel. Religion talks about what you did. It’s a performance message. The Gospel talks about what He did. It’s the grace of God which made us who we are. Religion looks at the sinner and not the Lamb.There is so much that comes with salvation; such as deliverance, health, guidance, provision, peace, and joy.

Adopted Into The Family

In this beautiful message Pastor Wesley compares the natural adoption process to the spiritual adoption we receive when Jesus adopted us. Before God made the world He choose us. He made provisions for us with no end to it. Just like our natural fathers teach us how to get up when we fall, so does our Heavenly Father. God didn’t create us to fail or quit, greatness lies in each of us.

Other Streams Of Revenue

Pastor Wesley gives a beautiful analogy of we have been adopted into the family of God. Once we have been grafted in, we an heir of what God the Father has. Our identity lies in him, but first we must make the decision to receive him.

The Power Of Thought

Pastor Wesley explains how powerful our though life is. What you believe establishes you reality. When you believe God’s Word, then God will perform everything He promised. Don’t allow the opinions of the world to dictate who you are in Christ.

Hearing The Voice Of God

Pastor Wesley teaches on the importance of hearing God for our own selves. We need to get a revelation for ourselves, not just by reading other peoples books. Were not living in the level of maturity we can liven in. You have to develop hearing God’s voice. Buy Now

Being Led By The Spirit - Pastor Wesley Berry

Only when were led by the Spirit are we called the Sons of God. When you're led by the Spirit you can not allow fear to dominate you. Your greatest enemy is fear. The character of our Father is not fear but is faith.

The Flesh And The Spirit - Pastor Wesley Berry

Pastor continues his teaching one the Holy Spirit. He explains that just because your spirit filled doesn’t mean your going to walk in the Spirit. If your not walking in the Spirit your walking in the flesh. The flesh and the Spirit lust against each other. In this message you will com tot understand the importance of repenting of you sin quickly so you don’t have to do damage control.

Staying Filled Up - Pastor Wesley Berry

Pastor Wesley gives some valuable lessons on staying filled with the Holy Spirit. You have to be both a Spirit and a Word person. The Holy Spirit empowers you to do greater works. When we get filled with the Holy Spirit it’s not a one-time filling. You must continue to fill yourself everyday by praying in the Holy Spirit.

Do What He Tells You To Do - Pastor Wesley Berry

We have a King that sits on the throne, who wears a robe and crown. What affects the Kingdom affects everyone else. What happens in heaven happens on earth. We live in a democracy. We don’t want anyone telling us what to do. In the book of Esther, see how Esther did what the King liked. In doing what the King liked he in return would give her everything she wanted.

How To Keep The Spirit Engaged - Pastor Wesley Berry

It’s not a matter of opinion but a command to be filled with the Holy Spirit. In This message Pastor Wesley explains what it is that disengages the Holy Spirit and how to keep the Spirit engaged. Learn the correct way to go into God’s presence, God’s protocol. There is a kingdom verbiage that we need to understand.

Connecting with the Anointing

In this informative message, Pastor Wesley gives some important insight on the anointing. God will only anoint you in the area you are gifted. But you must come in contact with the anointing before abundance will manifest. The anointing of God is the power of God. God has already made provisions for our tomorrows through the anointing.

Making Your Gift Available to God

 Everyone has a gift. God takes your gift and anoints it for a specific purpose. The problem is our life is too busy with too many irons in the fire. However, when you focus on a specific thing, then you will be blessed.

Making A Difference

God made a difference between Israel and the Egyptians. In this exciting message, Pastor Wesley gives some wonderful insights into how God is going to make a difference between the church and the world. See how He is going to pour out his favor on the church. When the world sees it, they in turn will come running to the church.

The Workings Of The Holy Spirit

In this essential message, Pastor Wesley explains what it means to blaspheme against the Holy Ghost. Find out if receiving the Holy Ghost is an option, or is it a commandment. Join as Pastor teaches on the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Secure the Prize

There is nothing stale about God. He is a progressive God. He has something new and fresh everyday. We need to focus on the eternal not the temporal thngs. Distractions are not accidents.They're orchestrated by the devil. We put too much pressure on newborn Christians. When you first get saved, you're going to make mistakes. Find out what it takes to secure the prize, to make it into heaven.