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Bean Dinner Bean dinner is an outreach of Crosstown Ministries. It is the first Thursday of each month begin..

Christmas Blessing Day December 15, 2018 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Flyer (

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A sleeping man doesn't know he has been a sleep until he is awaken. You can be spiritually alive and physically bound. You can be a christian and still need deliverance in certain areas. Events in life are not just accidents. Generational curses go through the blood line and can be seasonal. It's time to stop the cycle of things happening in your life. Break the generational curse so it's not passed down to the next generation. 



Pastor Susie Berry



Are we really passing the baton to the next generation? Have we fumbled our faith in handing the baton to the next generation? Churches teach behavior modification but there is no power in that. What drew the first believers was the supernatural maninfestation of the Power of God.



In the Kingdom of God no one is more valuable. In the Kingdom of God, every role is important. The only one who is not important is the one who is not doing anything.  John 4:36 says one sows, one reaps but they both rejoice together. We forget about the one who waters. Someone has to water. 

I Corinthians 3:6 says the one who waters is consistent. 


Culture today doesn't honor parents, teachers, or pastors. We have to raise up a new generation that values honor. Jesus was crown with glory and honor. We won't see the glory if we don't re-establish the honor. When honor is present, it causes everything around to be elevated.

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