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We need to see and hear the Word to build faith. Revelation takes a relationship with God. God doesn't move until you do your part. Your faith activates the commandments of God. You have to speak the Word to activate the Word. God is bigger than your opposition. God is more powerful than your opposition. 



We see the effects of certain things in our lives but what is the cause? There is a reason for what we are going through. Sometimes we just accept life as it is. No curse comes without a spiritual force at work. Generational curses can be passed down by the things you say. There is a spiritual dimension that over rides the natural. You can be delivered from generational curses. 



A sleeping man doesn't know he has been a sleep until he is awaken. You can be spiritually alive and physically bound. You can be a christian and still need deliverance in certain areas. Events in life are not just accidents. Generational curses go through the blood line and can be seasonal. It's time to stop the cycle of things happening in your life. Break the generational curse so it's not passed down to the next generation. 


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