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North Campus Launch Team Crosstown Ministries will be launching a north campus in Mounds, Oklahoma. This campus expa..

Saturday Night Live: Kingdom Edition Crosstown Presents: Saturday Night Live Kingdom Edition It is every other Saturday @ 6:00 PM..

Crosstown Native Worship Service Hosted by Geebon Gouge. Crosstown Native Worship Night with Creek Hymns / Praise & Worship with ..

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What is our focus in the midst of all the adversity that we need to keep in mind. We got to recognize who is our deliverer. Who do you focus on? Focus on Jesus. He is greater than any of your uncontrollable circumstances.



Jesus didn't go into the church looking for people to follow Him. God went after people who are undesirable. We wish we could start over which we can start over in Jesus. Hallelujah!



The Bible was written to reveal Jesus Christ. Jesus is the express image of God; a direct reflection.




God made you in His image and put you in His presence. The enemy will pull you away if you don't daily refresh your spirit and get your perspective right. If you are spirit filled, you are hindering the enemy, so stop focusing on what you think he is hindering.




The ten commandments have not been done away with; the law of Moses has been done away with through Jesus Christ. You can't preach people out of sinning. It takes having a relationship with God.


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