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North Campus Launch Team Crosstown Ministries will be launching a north campus in Mounds, Oklahoma. This campus expa..

Saturday Night Live: Kingdom Edition Crosstown Presents: Saturday Night Live Kingdom Edition It will be every Saturday @ 6:00 PM...

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We as Sons of God need to stop walloring in the results and deal with the source. Stop allowing the enemy to intimidate you and take your place of authority.




Pastor Ace expounds on the importance of walking in the spirit and not the flesh. It's in God's presence where we receive what we need.



Pastor Susie teaches on the trinity; God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are three persons but all one. Pastor Susie explains the importance of having a balance scale and allowing the Holy Spirit to rule over your life.




The only thing you need to get to Heaven is the repentance and remission of sin. However, you need the promise of the Holy Ghost to be a witness. The Holy Ghost is not an option.




Some people have a spirit of rejection. Rejection tells you if you don't reach a certain level of success you are not valuable. Don't chase after the affirmation from man but from God. If you will accept who you are in Christ, rejection can't bother you.


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