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North Campus Launch Team Crosstown Ministries will be launching a north campus in Mounds, Oklahoma. This campus expa..

Saturday Night Live: Kingdom Edition Crosstown Presents: Saturday Night Live Kingdom Edition It will begin on March 21st and then..

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Faith is not dependent on size. You don't need more Word, but you need to act on the Word you have. Mustard seed faith will move mountains. Robust faith can only be grown through difficulties.



Pastor Susie explains the difference between Heaven, Paradise, and Abraham's Bosom. The thief who died by Jesus' side was the first to be crucified both under the law and under grace.


Senior Pastor Wesley Berry

If you don't feel victorious right now, it's because you are not maintenancing yourself. The maintenance of something is the longevity of it. You must continue to fill your spirit back up.



Pastor Lael LeBlanc teaches an awesome Word about a transfer of trust. America can no longer be called a christian nation. Our confidence is misplaced. We need to transfer our trust. Jesus said his Kingdom is not of this world, so if we are part of His Kingdom than we are not of this world. Therefore, our trust should be in Him and not in worldly things.


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