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Everyday the devil tries to distract you from the things of God. God doesn't like it when we depend on people and things and not on Him. As long as we try to keep figuring things out for ourselves, God will let you. You must ask God to fill you with everything God has for you. You are only as powerful as the Word working in you. The Word of God in you attracts the enemy because he tries to draw you away from the Word. 


God never intended for the Holy Ghost to just stay in the upper room. God wants the Holy Spirit to effect everyone around you. The Holy Ghost is known as wind and fire. Wind causes fire to spread. Fire bends what is unbendable. God doesn't want to break us; He just wants to bend us a little. The fire purifies. Each of us has received a special gift from God, and we need the Holy Spirit to be used in ministry.  



It pleases God extremely to give you Kingdom. What is the Kingdom of God? It's heaven on earth. We haven't began to tap into the potential that is in the child of God. 



From II Samuel 7, God never asked anyone to build him a temple. Building the temple of Israel was David's idea. He wanted to be like the other pagan nations who had temples for their gods. When God's approval isn't enough, we try to get man's validation. We want people to see us as important. The temple was beautiful but it wasn't necessary. God wants to be in our presence every moment of the day. We are God's tabernacle. He is in us. 


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